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Marriage: Children:
  1. Robert Hanson: Birth: Bet 1750 and 1757.

  2. Jesse Hanson: Birth: 24 Jul 1761 in Fauquier County, VA. Death: 7 Feb 1852 in Randolph County, Alabama

  3. James Hanson: Birth: 1765.

  4. Tapley Hanson: Birth: 1768.

  5. William Hanson: Birth: 1770.

  6. Haney Hanson: Birth: 1772.

  7. Margaret Hanson: Birth: 1775.

  8. John Hanson: Birth: 1777.

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a. Note:   o is listed as paying tobacco tax levy in Stafford County, Virginia in 1686. The Name is shown as "Hinson". Robert Hinson could neither read nor wright, so the spelling of his name was probably spelled several different ways, depending on the clerk who would have recorded the name on a document, by his mark. Robert had 10 children that has been identified, and probably others. He owned a tract of land containing 214 acres, and possibly other tracts. On 26 March 1782 Robert is recorded as haveing either bying or saleing 375 pounds of beef for 3 cents per pound. (Information taken from a Hanson Paper written by the descendants of Adolphus D. Hanson and Nancy Denver Satterfield Hanson.)
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