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Marriage: Children:
  1. Henry A. Powell: Birth: 23 JUN 1803 in Caswell County, North Carolina. Death: Deceased

  2. Barzellia Powell: Birth: 27 OCT 1805 in Caswell County, North Carolina. Death: 2 DEC 1874 in College Mound, Macon County, Missouri

  3. Peter Powell: Birth: ABT. 1807 in Caswell County, North Carolina - Per search on LDS internet site. Death: ABT. 1838

  4. John Peter Powell: Birth: 12 JAN 1812 in Caswell County, North Carolina. Death: 5 OCT 1865 in Macon County, Missouri

  5. William Powell: Birth: 27 JAN 1814 in Caswell County, North Carolina. Death: 8 MAR 1892 in Macon County, Missouri

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Marriage: Children:
  1. Martha Jane Powell: Birth: 1845.

  2. James Washington Powell: Birth: 1848.

1. Title:   Marriage Bann for Peter Powell and Martha Carrol: 31 Aug 1802 Caswell County, North Carolina

a. Note:   Will of Peter Powell, Sr.
 Book 1, Pages 12-13
  In the name of God, Amen. I, Peter Powell, of Macon County and the State of Missouri being greatly advanced in age and calling to mind the uncertainty of the time it may please God to call for me, though thanks to His goodness, I am of sound mind and memory, do make this my last will and testament. After paying all my debts, I give to my wife, Julia Powell, Two Hundred Acres of land, the place that I now live on for her life-time, and then to her two children, Martha Jane Powell and James Washington Powell. Also, I give to my wife, Julia Powell and Martha Jane and James W. Powell all my beds and bed-clothing, and all the household and kitchen furniture to be equally divided between the three, and also, One Year Provision.
  I give Martha Brown One Hundred Dollars.
  I give the balance of my property to my oldest children, Henry Powell, Barzillia Powell, Mary Harrelson, John Powell, William Powell, and my grandson, John Allen Powell, to be equally divided among them.
  This signed and sealed this 18th day of June 1849.
  Peter Powell X his mark I also wish James C. Dameron and James Kitchen to be my administrators. Test. James Kitchen and James C. Dameron.
  Inventory of Peter Powell, deceased 20th of Aug. 1849
 by Henry A. Powell
  $7000.00 cash 7 slaves
 5 horses 5 yoke of oxen
 5 cows with calves 1 bull
 2 wagons 4 set of leather harness
 3 shotguns 11 barrels
 4 kegs of tar 2 sacks salt
 5 augers 1 saw 1 iron square 16 sheep
 3 bells 40 or 50 hogs 8 cow hides 5 oat stacks
 5 wheat stacks crop of corn
 crop of tobacco 4 clevices
 buckets 1 pr sheep shears
 1 horn 1 hammer 2 drawing knives 1 lot of irons
 4 singletrees 1 beehive
 6 bridles 5 grubbing hoes
 6 wheeding hoes 10 plows
 1 coulter 1 cutting machine
 5 reap hooks 1 grindstone
 1 saddle 1 wheat fan
 2 sythes and cradle and many other things
 "That was not a bad accumulation for a man who came to Missouri in covered wagon and begun again in 1838. He must have been about 59 when he came to Missouri."
  The above Will info was provided to me via E-mail by Elvin Meyers - descendant of Peter Powell, Sr.
  Peter Powell, Sr. blazed a trail from Yanceyville, North Carolina to Huntsville, Missouri in the year 1838. They covered the distance of 1200 miles in 56 days, driving a four horse team to a carryall. In the party was Peter Powell, Sr., his wife and sons, namely: Brazillia, William and John, and also twenty slaves. On arriving he bought 300 acres of land at $4.25 per acre, and kept adding to this until he had 1000 acres. At that time land sold from $1.25 to $25.00 per acre, the average price was $5.00 per acre. Tobacco was sold at $4.00 per hundred and was sold by the hogshead.
  (Note:) Above info provided by Tom Hoer ( and found at at the following addres:
 Info listed below was provided to me via E-mail by Elvin Meyers
  Sometime between 1780 and 1790, Peter Powell, Sr. came to Virginia with his parents. He had at least one brother, Charles, and one sister, Polly. Evidently, they first lived in Danville, Pittsylvania County, Virginia, which borders North Carolina but by 1801, he was probably living in Caswell County, North Carolina. Little is known of his parents, other than that they came from Northern Ireland and were living in Virginia when Peter was born. His ancestry was English as well as Northern Irish. His father died before his mother and she remarried. Her second husband's last name must have been Lyon because the family refer to her as Old Granny Lyon, and she always said she reared a family of "Lyons". His given name may well have been Robert, because, in 1818, in the will of one Robert Lyon, a Peter Powell was left $787 and a tract of land on South Moons Creek. Then, in 1838, a Peter Powell sold 250 acres on Moons Creek to one Allen Gunn. Later that year, our Peter Powell and wife Patsy along with sons Barzillia and William B. and grandson John A. moved to Huntsville, Randolph County, Missouri. They travelled 56 days and a distance of 1200 miles, arriving on December 16, 1838, with a 4-horse team, and a carry-all wagon. They also brought with them 20 slaves. In 1839, Peter bought 240 acres of land for $1000, 12 or 13 miles northeast of Huntsville, near College Mound in Macon County.
  (In all probability Barzillia and William B. came to Missouri in 1837, locating for a short time in Chariton County. Presumably, they then returned to Yanceyville, North Carolina, and persuaded their father to come to Missouri with them.)
  In 1843, another brother, John P. came to Missouri, as well. Earlier he had left North Carolina and moved to Mississippi to become the overseer of a plantation in Noxubee County. He bought land about one half mile west of College Mound where he spent the rest of his days. Henry A. also came to Missouri sometime shortly after his first wife Nancy died and he remarried.
  Sister Polly remained in Yanceyville, N.C. where she married a James C. Harrelson.
  Peter and Patsy are buried in a small cemetery called Kitchen Cemetery about a mile and a half south and west of College Mound, Missouri, on Gazelle Rd. (first road south of the store in College Mound) on land that, until about 1980, was owned by a Waldo Webster. The land is now owned by Mary Lou Greer (daughter of Waldo Webster). She can be reached at 1-660-775-2470. She lives on Gazelle, a short way from the cemetery. Her sister is Evelyn Sorenson and she can be reached at 1-660-385-4703.
  It is said that Peter Powell, Sr. was so large that the sleeve hole of his vest was too large to fit the waist of his son Barzillia. Apparently, he weighed as much as 400 pounds.
  The information that follows is taken from a book entitled "The Powell Families of Virginia and the South - Being an Encyclopedia of the Eight (8) Major Powell Families of Virginia and the South in General" by the Rev. Fr. Silas Emmett Lucas Jr. of Easley, South Carolina.
  CASWELL COUNTY RECORDS: (from microfilm in N.C. State Dept. of Archives & History)
  WILL BOOK B, page 168: Will of John Powell dated November 16, 1786, and proved January Court 1787 by Charles Powell. To my wife -- the plantation and all my working tools, etc. during her life then to my son James except one cow and that I give to my daughter Elizabeth. To Son, John, the land that lyeth on the North side of Round Hill branch. To son, Charles, the land that I possess on the Western Waters. My will is that all the rest of of my children have one English shilling and no more. Exors: James Brown and Thomas Warttoms, Esq. Test. John Powell, Jacob Gittern, Charles Powel.
  CASWELL COUNTY COURT MINUTES 1781-1788: (20.022)
  Page 2, John Powel - Attachment versus George Grayham - Ded.. 1777.
  July 1786 - Ordered that Jno Otwell be appointed overseer of the road from Henry Dixons to the county line with the following hands --- Jno Powel et al ---- Agreeable to the order of last court for laying off a road from Henrys Dixon's across Hogans Creek to Peter Smiths we have viewed and laid off the road in the following manner � beginning at Henry Dixons road at a right hand path that goes along a Ridge to the Red Bank ford at Peter Smiths --- through John Powels plantation --- James Gibsons plantation --- and assess the damages that John Powel will sustain by the said road to 3lbs and James Gibsons to 30 shillings.
  January 1787 - Last Will and Testament of John Powell, deceased proved by Charles Powel.
  IBID, 1788-1795:
  January 1793, Administration on the estate of John Powell deceased granted to Joseph McLain, with Tilman Dixon and Isam Clerk securities.
  July 1793, Inventory of the estate of John Powell deceased returned by Joseph McLain the admnr.
  January 1794, Deed from James McMillan to James Powell for 68 acres acknowledged.
  IBID, 1794-1801:
  April 1794, James Powell, juror to next court.
  July 1794, James Powell, juror to next court.
  July 1795, George Simms appointed overseer of the new road from the old Caswell road to the place near where George Simms lived into the main road at Harts old Chapel with the following hands, viz. Abner Powell et al.
  April 1796, Deed of Gift from John Roberts to George Powell for sundries proved by Thomas Kimbrough.
  April 1796, An Account of the settlement of the Estate of John Powell deceased was returned by Charles Dixon one of the Commissioners.
  October 1796, Deed from Peter Smith and John Powell to Archibald Carter for 252.5 acres was proved by John Price, Sr.
  January 1798, James Powell, on jury.
  October 1801, Deed from James Powell to John Tennison for 244 acres acknowledged.
  January 1802, Deed from John Roberts to George Powell for 90 acres proved.
  April 1802, Deed from Wm. Moss to James Powell for 150 acres proved.
  October 1802, James Powell, on grand jury.
  October 1802, Deed from James Powell to Obediah Tucker for 71 acres proved and, at the same time Alexr Murphy acknowledged a relinquishment of the aforesaid.
  April 1803, Deed from James Powell to John Tennison for 11 acres proved.
  April 1803, Deed from Robert Clark to George Powell for 10 acres proved.
  October 1803, James Powell appointed overseer of the road from his House to the Rockingham line.
  January 1804, William Moss Jr. appointed overseer of the road from Linns old field to James Powells.
  July 1804, James Powell & David Powell, on jury.
  July 1804, James Powell versus Joseph McLain, citation to repeal letters of adm. This cause coming on to be argued & the probate of instrument purporting to be the Last will and Testament of John Powell deceased appearing upon the records of this is the decree of this Court that the letters of Adm. granted to the defendant on the estate of the said John Powell be revoked.
  October 1804, Deed from James Carrol to Solomon Debow for 109.25 acres proved.
  October 1804, James Powell, on jury.
  January 1805, James Powell & John Powell, jurors.
  April 1805, James Powell, John Powell, Caswell District, jurors to next court.
  April 1805, Ordered that Joseph Arnett be appointed overseer of the road from James Powells Tavern to Linns old field in the place of Wm. Moss with the following hands � James Powell, John Powell et al.
  April 1805, Adm. on the estate of James Poteet dec'd granted to John Poteet, the widow having relinquished her right.
  October 1805, David Powell, juror.
  October 1805, Deed from George Powell to William Kennon for 100 acres proved.
  WILL BOOK A, PAGE 109: June 17, 1780, Winney Edwell of Caswell County hath bound the following children to John Powell of said county, sons to be taught the art and mystery of planters and daughters to be taught the art and mystery of spinsters, viz., Daughters: Sarah, Judith, and Elizabeth Edwell; Sons: Jonathan, Joseph, and Robert Edwell, etc. Signed: Winney x Edwell, John Powell. Date of acknowledgment not given.
  WILL BOOK C, PAGE 43: Sale of the Estate of John Powell; Among purchasers: John Powell (many times), Wm. Lyon, Jos McLaine, Jacob Chitton, Peter Smith, and Jas Powell. (Note: John and James Powell the only Powells who purchased).
  IBID, PAGE 161: Joseph McLain, Admr. of the Estate of John Powell, April Court, 1796. Amount of Sales 126.19.9. Find that a balance of 105.0.8 due from Joseph McLain, Admr. to the heirs, which are ten in number.
  WILL BOOK N, PAGE 240: July 5, 1838, John Powell, an orphan age 5 years, bound to Peter Powell to learn the art of planter.
  WILL BOOK O, PAGE 270: October 5, 1841, Inventory of the estate of James Powel, dec'd., 10 Negroes (named), stock, furniture, crop, etc. Edmund Powel, Admr.
  John Horton and his wife Eliza Ann Horton, formerly Eliza Ann Powell, of Caswell County to Martin Powell of Halifax County, Virginia, land in Caswell, formerly the property of Jarrell Powell, deceased, and which descended to his heirs at law of whom the said Elizabeth is one.. being one-sixth part, adjoining the lands of Dr.Wiley Jones, Carter Powell, and others..containing 196 acres, subject to the right of dower of Elizabeth Powell, widow of Jarrell Powell. Dated July 1, 1839.
  SAME REFERENCE AS ABOVE:(20.037): December 23, 1848, Mastin Powell, of Caswell to Carter Powell of Caswell. All of said Mastin Powell's eighth interest in the estate of his mother, the late Elizabeth Powell, both that which has come into the hands of her administrator, Carter Powell, and also what may be due and coming from the estate of her father Mastin Powell, late of the county of Halifax, Va. and now in the hands of his executor, Isaac Saterfield; also all the right, title, and interest of the estate of his father the late Jarold Powell, deceased
  BOOK B, PAGE 14: March 4, 1783, Andrew Farguson and Margaret his wife of Halifax County, Va. to John Powell of Caswell ---- Consideration 188 lbs. Tract of land in Caswell County, being part of a large tract on Hogans Creek, beginning at a white oak on the line of Peter Smith, running to a red oak on Stony Hill, containing 82 acres more or less, with all houses, and dowers free and clear from all manner of incumbrances. No Test.
  BOOK D, PAGE 359: August 18, 1787, Grant to John Powell, 286 (?) acres in Caswell on the waters of Hogans Creek, Peter Smiths corner, North to Simon Fords line, then East to Henry Dixons line, 40 poles distant from John Colliers improvement.
  BOOK O, PAGE 213: May 11, 1805, John x Denison to John Powell, both of Caswell County. For consideration of 6.00, Land running with John Powells line by a branch, Round Hill branch, to where said Denisons crosses said branch, 24 acres. Test: James Powell et al.
  BOOK R, PAGE 416: July 8, 1816, Simon x Ford of Caswell County to John Powell of Caswell, land where the said Simon Ford now lives on the West side of Hogans Creek to said Fords line. Test. James M. Powell, Randolph Roads.
  BOOK DD, PAGE 339: April 25, 1818, James Barton and Henry Howard, Exors. of the will of Robert Lyon, dec'd of Caswell to Peter Powell of same...787 dollars, Tract of land that formerly belonged to said Robert Lyon on South Moons Creek, South to 3 pines in the old deeded line formerly bounded by Hu_ Dobbin. Test. Henry Cobb, Geo. Robertson.
  BOOK EE, PAGE 12: July 2, 1838, Peter Powell of Caswell County to Allan Gunn of the county aforesaid, land on Moons Creek, beginning at a burch on the bank of Moons Creek and running South to 3 pointers on the old deeded line, then East with said line 237 poles to a hickory saplin former boundary for Hugh Dobbins, thence North 268 poles to a white oak of same survey, thence West on the old line 66 poles to a red oak saplin on the bank of said creek, thence it meanders to the first station, containing 250 acres. Signed Peter Powell. Test: James Mitchell, Joseph S. Totten. Proven July 1838 by Joseph S. Totten.
  BOOK EE, PAGE 357: November 22, 1839, Frances Powell and Allan Gunn, Wm. Y. Hooper, land on the waters of Lick fork of Moons Creek adj. the said Wm. Y. Hooper, Henry McKinney, John Kerr, Jun., James Gunn and John H. Graves, beginning at a place where there was formerly a white oak stump. Test: James Gunn, John Turner, Henry Willis et al.
  George Powell to Jemima Roberts, 1793
  Fanny Powell to Philip Adams, 1800.
  Peter Powell to Patcey Carroll on August 31, 1802.
  Peter Powell, Jr. to Frances Phillips on Sept. 19, 1832, John x Powell & John H, Graves.
  Barzilai Powell to Betsy Poteet on Dec. 17, 1825, Henry Hooper.
  CASWELL DIST: Margaret Powel � CASWELL COUNTY 1781:
  RICHMOND DIST: William Powell CASWELL DIST: John Powell, 760.-.-. CASWELL COUNTY 1782:
  CASWELL DIST: John Powell, 320 - James Powell, 100, 2 CASWELL COUNTY 1783:
  CASWELL DIST: John Powell, 82 - James Powell, 340, 2 CASWELL COUNTY 1784:
  CASWELL DIST: John Powell, Hogans Cr. 1 W.P., James Powell, 340 Hogans Cr. 1 W.P., 2 B.P.
  ST. JAMES DIST: Nehemiah Powell, 1 W.P. CASWELL COUNTY 1785:
  ST. JAMES DIST: Nehemiah Powell, 1 W.P. CASWELL DIST: James Powell, 340, 1 W.P., 2 B.P. CASWELL COUNTY 1786:
  CASWELL DIST: Margaret Powel, 82 CASWELL COUNTY 1788:
  ST. DAVIDS DIST: Abner Powel, 519, 1 W.P. CASWELL DIST : Margaret Powel, 82 CASWELL COUNTY 1789:
  CASWELL DIST: John Powel, 100, 1 W.P. James Powel, 228, 1 W.P., 2 B.P. do in Rockingham Co, 240 Peggy Powell, 260 CASWELL COUNTY 1790:
  CASWELL DIST: James Powell, 228, 1 W.P., 2 B.P. do in Rockingham Co, 240 Margaret Powel, widow, 380 CASWELL COUNTY 1791:
  CASWELL DIST: George Powel, 1 W.P. James Powel, 264, 1 W.P. James Powel, 455, 1 W.P., 2 B.P. ST. DAVIDS DIST: Abner Powel, 150, 1 W.P. CASWELL COUNTY 1798:
  CASWELL DIST: John Powel, 343, 1 W.P. James Powell, Jr. 1 W.P. James Powell, 699, 1 W.P., 2 B.P. George Powell, 1 W.P. CASWELL COUNTY 1800:
  CASWELL DIST: David Powel, 244, 1 W.P., 1 B.P. George Powel, 1 W.P. CASWELL COUNTY 1801:
  CASWELL DIST: James Powell, Jr. 150, 1 W.P. James Powell, Sr. 455, 1 W.P., 4 B.P. John Powell, 158, 1 W.P. Peter Powell, 1 W.P. George Powell, 89, 1 W.P. CASWELL COUNTY 1803:
  CASWELL DIST: George Powell, 100, 1 W.P. Francis Powell, 1 W.P. David Powell, 1 W.P. James Powell, 581, 4 B.P. GLOUCESTER DIST: Peter Powel, 1 W.P. CASWELL COUNTY 1804:
  CASWELL DIST: James Powel, 1 W.P. John Powel, 158, 1 W.P. James Powel, Sr., 691, 4 B.P. Francis Powel, 1 W.P. GLOUCESTER DIST: Peter Powell not on list ST. DAVIDS DIST: Abner Powell, 152, 1 W.P., 1 B.P. Peter Powell, 1 W.P. ___________________________________________________________________________________ is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.