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a. Note:   dshire, in 1894. He attended McGill University 19099 to 1911, and started working as a Civil Engineer. Jim joined the Imperial forces and served with them from 19 March 1915 to 5 October 1916, seeing action both at Gallipoli [where he was wounded, with shrapnel in his heart that remained there until he died] and in France where he was wounded at the Battle of Paschendale. On 5 Oct 1916 Jim was appointed to the Canadian Expeditionary Force, Artillery. He was discharged with the rank of Captain in April of 1919. Jim completed his studies and was appointed professional Civil Engineer, Dominion Land Surveyor and BC Land Surveyor. He, together with his brother Clare and Horace Fraser found the firm of Underhill, Underhill & Fraser. James spent the summers of the later 1920's and early 1930's surveying the norther coast of BC; many of the present place names derive from these years and were given by JT Underhill.
  In these years both Him and Clare maintained, as their principle leisure activity, a keen interest in English Rugby. Both had played in earlier years; now both became frequent referees and were very active on the board of the BC Rugby Union. Each served as President. Both Jim and Clare were fixtures at Saturday afternoon games at the Brockton Point Oval.
  During the second World War, James served as active militia in the 'West Coast Rangers' with the rank of Captain; the task was the defense of the 66 coastal defense batteries on Point Grey. Foillowing the war, Jim became very active with Figure Skating, both as an accountant and with the administration of the CFSA. He served both on the board of the BC Section of the CFSA and, for many years, as the Chairman of the Vancouver Judges Bureau.
  For many years [from the early '30's] JT and his family lived in a modest grey stucco house at 4078 @ 12th Avenue in Vancouver. Later [1958] when the children were grown up, Jim and Ruth moved to Killarney Manor on Point Grey Rd and later again to Arbutus Village on McBain Avenue. Jim's main love and a place fondly remembered by his children and older grandchildren, was 'The Binges', a summer camp at Underhill's Landing [named after Jim's father] on the North Arm of Burrard Inlet. Stories and fond memories of the camp could fill many a chapter of this family history and are best left for elsewhere and another time.
  Reg Numb: 1918-09-189865
 BC Archives Microfilm Number: B11389
 GSU Microfilm Number: 1984110
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