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Anna Maria Wagner: Birth: 27 Sep 1777.
Anna Maria Wagner: Birth: 27 Sep 1777. Death: 15 Jan 1842
Catharina Wagner: Birth: 8 Oct 1780.
Christian Wagner: Birth: 7 Aug 1729.
Christina Barbara Wagner: Birth: 2 Oct 1726.
Elisabeth WAGNER: Birth: 1840 in Lockhaven,Clinton County,Pa..
Georg Friedrich Wagner: Birth: 1734.
Gertrude Wagner: Birth: 10 Nov 1760.
Hans Jacob Wagner: Birth: 16 Jul 1725 in Nottingen,Germany. Death: 20 Apr 1802
Hans Jacob Wagner: Birth: 1693. Death: 12 Jan 1754
Jacob Wagner: Birth: 28 Jun 1767.
Johan George Wagner: Birth: 18 Jun 1770.
Johannes Wagner: Birth: 27 Feb 1763.
Louisa Wagner: Birth: 19 Feb 1773.
Maria Catharina Wagner: Birth: 1720.
Maria Catherina Wagner: Birth: 1696.
Maria Clara Wagner: Birth: 1 Nov 1723.
Maria Elizabeth Wagner: Birth: 21 Feb 1765.
Maria Gertraut Wagner: Birth: 6 Mar 1739/1740.
Maria Magdalena Wagner: Birth: 1 Nov 1723.
Michael Wagner: Birth: 8 Feb 1775.
Nicholas Wagner: Birth: 1663. Death: 19 Mar 1743/1744 in Ellmendingen,Germany
Nicolaus Wagner: Birth: 28 Aug 1699.
Regina Wagner: Birth: 25 Jan 1756 in Macungie, Heidelberg Twp,Lehigh Co.,Pa. Death: 24 Oct 1816 in Upper Mahanoy, Northumberland Co,Pa
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Ralph De WAIET: Birth: Abt 1078 in Of,Montfort,Normandy,France.
Baldwin Wake: Birth: in Blisworth,Northamptonshire,Eng. Death: 5 Feb 1281/1282
Baldwin WAKE: Birth: 1183 in ,Blisworth,England. Death: 13 Jul 1224 in Of Deeping,Of Bourne,Lincolnshire,England
Baldwin WAKE: Birth: Abt 1137 in ,Liddel,Chamberlain,England. Death: in Of Deeping,Of Bourne,Lincolnshire,England
Elizabeth Wake: Birth: Abt 1266 in of Beds Eng. Death: Abt Jul 1314
Emeline Wake: Birth: Abt 1269 in Blisworth,Northamptonshire,Eng.
Geoffrey Or Gaufred WAKE: Birth: Abt 1147 in Of Liddell,Cmbrln,Eng. Death: Aft 1168
Guy WAKE: Birth: Abt 1203 in <Of Stoke,Devonshire,England>.
Hugh Wake: Birth: Abt 1272 in Blisworth,Northamptonshire,Eng. Death: 4 May 1315
Hugh Wake: Birth: Abt 1210 in Blisworth,Northamptonshire,Eng. Death: 1241 in Holy Land
Hugh Wake: Birth: in Blisworth,Northamptonshire,Eng. Death: May 1315
Hugh WAKE: Birth: Abt 1101 in Of Liddell,Cumberland,England. Death: in Of Bourne,Of Deeping,Lincolnshire,England
Hugh WAKE: Birth: Abt 1145.
Ida Wake: Birth: Abt 1258 in of Beds Eng. Death: Bef 1287
Isabel Wake: Birth: Abt 1241 in of Deeping,Lincolnshire,Eng.
Joan Wake: Birth: Abt 1263 in of Beds Eng.
John WAKE: Birth: Abt 1268 in ,Blisworth,Northampshire,England.
John WAKE: Birth: Abt 1293 in Of,Blisworth,Northamptonshire,England. Death: Aft 1330
Margaret Wake: Birth: Abt 1295 in Liddel,Cumberland,Eng. Death: 23 Sep 1349 in of Liddel,Cumberland,Eng
Miss Wake: Birth: Abt 1274 in Blisworth,Northamptonshire,Eng.
Nicholas Wake: Birth: Abt 1241 in of Deeping,Lincolnshire,Eng. Death: Aft 1264
Robert WAKE: Birth: Abt 1185 in <,Blisworth,England>.
Thomas WAKE: Birth: 20 Mar 1297/1298 in Of,Liddell,Cumberland,England. Death: 21 May 1349
William Wake: Birth: Abt 1273 in of Blisworth,Northamptonshire,Eng.
Joane WALERIES: Birth: Abt 1154 in Of,Elmley Castle,Worchestershire,England.
Thomas WALERIES: Birth: Abt 1109 in Of,Elmley Castle,Gloucestershire,England.
Joan "Fair Maid Of Kent" Princess Of WALES: Birth: 29 Sep 1328 in of Woodstock,Kent,Eng. Death: 8 Aug 1385 in Wallingford Castle,Wallingford,Berkshire,Eng
Cicily Waleton: Birth: Abt 1181 in Hale,Lanc,Eng.
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Mrs-Thomas WALLERIES: Birth: Abt 1114 in Of,Elmley Castle,Gloucestershire,England.
Alice Wallin: Birth: Wft Est. 1837-1874. Death: Wft Est. 1870-1959
Hervey WALTER: Birth: Abt 1130 in Of,West Dereham,Norfolk,England.
Hervey WALTER: Birth: Abt 1100 in of England.
Maude Fitz WALTER: Birth: Abt 1085 in <Of,Frampton,Gloucestershire,England>.
John Walton: Birth: 1370 in Of Bewsey,Lancashire,Eng.
Miss WALTON: Birth: Abt 1120 in Of,Albemarle,Surrey,England.
Blanche Warburton: Birth: Abt 1463 in Of Arley,& of Werberton Cheshire,England.
Douce Warburton: Birth: Abt 1465 in Of Arley,& Of Werberton,Cheshire,England.
Elizabeth (Jane) Warburton: Birth: Abt 1442 in Of Arley,Cheshire,England.
Geoffrey Warburton: Birth: Abt 1397 in Of Arley,Cheshire,England. Death: Abt 1448
Joan Warburton: Birth: Abt 1430 in Of Arley,Cheshire,England.
John Warburton: Birth: Abt 1459 in Of Arley,Cheshire,England.
John Warburton: Birth: Abt 1434 in Of Arley,Cheshire,England.
Marion Warburton: Birth: Abt 1440 in Of Arley,Cheshire,England.
Peter (Piers) Warburton: Birth: Abt 1428 in Of Arley,Cheshire,England. Death: Aft 1475
Peter Warburton: Birth: Abt 1461 in Of Bromfield,& of Werberton,Cheshire,Eng.
Petronel Warburton: Birth: Abt 1438 in Of Arley,Cheshire,England.
Richard Warburton: Birth: Abt 1436 in Of Arley,Cheshire,England.
Thomas Warburton: Birth: Abt 1432 in Of Arley,Cheshire,England.
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Isabel De WARENNE: Birth: 1137 in ,,Surrey,Eng. Death: 13 Jul 1199 in ,Lewes,Sussex,England
William De Warenne: Birth: Abt 1260 in of Warren,Sussex,Eng. Death: 15 Dec 1286 in Croydon,surrey,Eng
Alice De Warren: Birth: Abt 1277 in of Warren,Sussex,Eng. Death: Bef 23 May 1338
Emme Warren: Birth: Abt 1373 in of Pointon. Death: Abt 17 Dec 1432
Griffith WARREN: Birth: Abt 1340 in ,Ightfield,Shropshire,England.
Griffith WARREN: Birth: Abt 1320 in ,Ightfield,Shropshire,England.
Griffith WARREN: Birth: Abt 1240 in ,Lightfield,Shropshire,England.
Jeffrey WARREN: Birth: Abt 1160 in of Norfolk,Norfolk,Eng.
John Warren: Birth: 30 Jun 1286 in of Warren,Sussex,Eng. Death: 30 Jun 1347
John WARREN: Birth: Abt 1280 in ,Lightfield,Salop,Eng.
Margaret WARREN: Birth: Abt 1400 in Of,Ightfield,Shropshire,England.
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