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Marriage: Children:
  1. Christopher Bader: Birth: 1652.

  2. Agnes Bader: Birth: 11 Aug 1653.

  3. Anna Bader: Birth: 25 Oct 1654.

  4. Friedrich Bader: Birth: 19 Feb 1656.

  5. Johannes Bader: Birth: 2 Sep 1657.

Marriage: Children:
  1. Barbara Bader: Birth: 20 Nov 1670.

  2. Regina Bader: Birth: 11 Dec 1671.

  3. Agnes Bader: Birth: 18 Apr 1673.

  4. Agnes Bader: Birth: 13 Nov 1674.

  5. Anna Bader: Birth: 4 May 1676.

  6. Agnes Bader: Birth: 24 Jul 1678.

  7. Georg Bader: Birth: 1679.

  8. Agnes Bader: Birth: 15 Dec 1687 in Zell,Wuerttemberg,Germany. Death: 6 Feb 1749/1750 in Lomersheim,Enzshreis,Wuerttemberg,Germany

a. Note:   rsheim, Germany. Ulrich Bader was, a barber, from the town of Zell. "There are several towns of that name in Wuerttemberg, but none near Lomersheim. However without having searched the Bader lineage,we can report that the name Bader(Baader) means either (1) a proprietor/keeper of a pubic bath(Bademeister), an important occupation in a medieval town; or (2) equally important, a barber-surgeon, a town functionary who not only cut hair and trimmed beards, but practiced surgery, dentistry, and cupping or bleeding in the medicines of the times. Early eaxmples of the surname Bader from Medieval documents include the following:91) Conrat Poder, witness in Indersdorf,1155; (2) Albrect Bader at Weilderstadt, 1246; (3) HenrichBader, citizen at Esslingen,1391, and (4) Toeldel Pader, at Kranzberg, Upper Bavavia, 1420". Source : Josef Karkmann Brechenmacher, Etymologisches Woerterbuch der Duetschen Familiennamen (Limburg/Lahn: C. A. Starke Verlag,1957. 1. 58-59
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