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Georg Bader: Birth: 1679.
Johannes Bader: Birth: 2 Sep 1657.
Regina Bader: Birth: 11 Dec 1671.
Ulrich Bader: Birth: 1661 in Zell,Germany.
Bartholomew De BADLESMERE: Birth: 1275 in ,Chilham,Kent,England. Death: 14 Apr 1322 in ,Canterbury,Kent,England
Bartholomew BADLESMERE: Birth: Abt 1231 in ,Badlesmere,Kent,England.
Bartholomew BADLESMERE: Birth: Abt 1181 in Castle,Tong,Kent,England. Death: 1256
Bartholomew BADLESMERE: Birth: Abt 1209 in Castle,Tong,Kent,England.
Bartholomew BADLESMERE: Birth: Abt 1145 in Castle Tong,Kent,Eng. Death: Aft 1189
Bartholomew-Mrs BADLESMERE: Birth: Abt 1233 in <,Badlesmere,Kent,England>.
Bartholomew-Mrs. BADLESMERE: Birth: Abt 1185 in <Castle,Tong,Kent,England>.
Elizabeth De BADLESMERE: Birth: 1313 in Of Castle,Badlesmere,Kent,England. Death: 8 Jun 1356
Giles De BADLESMERE: Birth: 1 Oct 1314 in ,Hambleton,Rutlandshire,England. Death: 7 Jun 1338 in Of Castle,Badlesmere,Kent,England
Giles BADLESMERE: Birth: Abt 1235 in ,Badlesmere,Kent,England.
Giles BADLESMERE: Birth: Abt 1203 in Castle,Tong,Kent,England. Death: 1258
Guncelin BADLESMERE: Birth: Abt 1244 in Of Castle,Badlesmere,Kent,England. Death: 1301 in Of Castle,Badlesmere,Kent,England
Guncelin BADLESMERE: Birth: Abt 1205 in Castle,Tong,Kent,England.
Joan BADLESMERE: Birth: Abt 1256 in of Chilham Castle,Kent,Eng. Death: 2 Jun 1319 in of Kent,Eng
Margaret BADLESMERE: Birth: 1315 in Of Castle,Badlesmere,Kent,England.
Margaret BADLESMERE: Birth: Abt 1277 in Of Castle,Badlesmere,Kent,England. Death: 1306
Margery De BADLESMERE: Birth: 1306 in Of Castle,Badlesmere,Kent,England. Death: in Of,Helmsley,Yorkshire,England
Maud De BADLESMERE: Birth: Abt 1310 in Of Castle,Badlesmere,Kent,England. Death: in Of Oxford,Oxfordshire,England
Maud BADLESMERE: Birth: Abt 1260 in ,,Sussex,England.
Miss BADLESMERE: Birth: Abt 1233 in ,Badlesmere,Kent,England.
Mrs Bartholomew Badlesmere: Birth: Abt 1149 in Castle Tong,Kent,Eng.
Mrs Guncelin Badlesmere: Birth: Abt 1207 in Castle Tong,Kent,Eng.
Ralph BADLESMERE: Birth: Abt 1255 in ,Badlesmere,Kent,England.
Ralph BADLESMERE: Birth: Abt 1207 in Castle,Tong,Kent,England.
Isabella Baggalegh: Birth: 1325 in Cheadle,Cheshire,England.
John H. Bailey: Birth: Wft Est. 1880-1899. Death: Wft Est. 1914-1986
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Grant Ball: Birth: 1 Jun 1864 in ,Pa.
Retta Pearl Ball: Birth: 7 Dec 1890 in ,Clearfield,Pa.
Sue Clare Ball: Birth: 7 Nov 1896 in ,Clearfield,Pa.
Velma Mae Ball: Birth: 3 Jul 1892 in ,Clearfield,Pa.
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Annabel Balliol: Birth: in England. Death: 31 Mar 1204
Anna Maria BALTER: Birth: 1640 in Medard,Germany. Death: 1724 in Germany
Clemence De BANASTRE: Birth: Abt 1240 in Mollington,Banastre,Cheshire,England. Death: 1298
Thierry II (Dietrich I) BAR & MONTBELIARD: Birth: in Of Bar-Le-Duc,Meuse,France. Death: 2 Jan 1104/1105
Sibylle De Bar Le Duc: Birth: Abt 1200 in of Bar le Duc,Meuse,FR.
Marguerite De BAR MOUSSON: Birth: Abt 1220 in Of,Luxembourg. Death: 25 Nov 1275
Agnes De BAR: Birth: Abt 1087 in Of Bar-Le-Duc,Meuse,France.
Frederic De BAR: Birth: Abt 1081 in Of Bar-Le-Duc,Meuse,France.
Guillaume De BAR: Birth: Abt 1083 in Of Bar-Le-Duc,Meuse,France.
Miss De BAR: Birth: Abt 1127 in Of Mousson,Meurthe-Et-Moselle,France.
Clemence Of Bar-Le-Duc: Birth: in Of Dampmartin,Ile De France,FR. Death: Aft 20 Jan 1182/1183
Henri II Count Of Bar-Leduc-Mousson: Birth: Abt 1170 in of Bar le Duc,Meuse,FR.
UNKNOWN Barbara: Birth: Wft Est. 1770-1793. Death: Wft Est. 1815-1881
UNKNOWN Barbara: Birth: Wft Est. 1737-1760. Death: Wft Est. 1782-1848
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Joscelin De Louvain Barbatus: Birth: Abt 1123 in of Louvain,Belgium. Death: Bef 1180 in Egmanton,Nottinghamshire,Eng
Berenquela Raimundo De Barcelona: Birth: Abt 1116 in of Barcelona,Aragon. Death: 2 Feb 1148/1149 in Palencia,L´┐Żeon
Mrs Raimund Berenger V OF Barcelona: Birth: 1120 in of Barcelona,Barcelona,Spain.
Raimund Berenger II (III) Count of Barcelona: Birth: in of Barcelona,Spain. Death: 5 Dec 1082 in Murdered
Raimund Berenger III (IV) Marquis Of Barcelona: Birth: 11 Nov 1080 in of Barcelona,Spain. Death: 19 Jun 1131
Ramon Berenger De Barcelona: Birth: Abt 1144 in of Barcelona,Barcelona,Spain. Death: Abt 1212
Stephanie (Etennette) of Barcelona: Birth: in of France. Death: Aft 1092
Mary Ann Barclay: Birth: 6 May 1692 in Glenarn Parish,County Antrim,Ireland. Death: Bef 1760 in Hopewell Township,York County,Pennsylvania
Margaret BARDOLPH: Birth: Abt 1345 in <Of,Tutbury Castle,Staffordshire,England>.
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Susanna Barlet: Birth: 3 Feb in Maidencreek,Ontalaunee Tnsp.,PA. Death: 23 Jun 1852
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Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Clara Anna (Clariann) Barrel: Birth: 4 Sep 1830 in Hereford Tnsp.,Berks Co.,PA. Death: 29 Sep 1908 in Ashfield,East Penn,Carbon Co.,PA
Edith A. Barrett: Birth: 9 Nov 1868. Death: 1944
Edward Barton: Birth: 1585. Death: 1671
Edward Barton: Birth: 1559.
George E. Barton: Birth: 1719 in Maryland. Death: 1815
Noah Barton: Birth: 1668. Death: 1747
Roger Eugene Barton: Birth: 1628. Death: 1688
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Matilda BASSE: Birth: Abt 1186 in 0f Wallingford,Berkshire,England.
Alice BASSET: Birth: Abt 1184 in Of Wallingford,Berkshire,England.
Egelina BASSET: Birth: Abt 1182 in Of,Wallingford,Berkshire,England.
Isabel BASSET: Birth: Abt 1166 in Chapham,Bedfordshire,England. Death: 1224
Jane Or Joan BASSET: Birth: Abt 1182 in Of,Heddingdon,Oxfordshire,England.
Joan BASSET: Birth: Abt 1180 in Of Wallingford. Berkshire,England.
Laurencia BASSET: Birth: Abt 1188 in Of,Wallingford,Berkshire,England.
Mrs Richard BASSET: Birth: Abt 1135 in of Walltingford,Berkshire,Eng.
Mrs-Thurston BASSET: Birth: Abt 1156 in Of Chapham,Beds,England.
Philippa BASSET: Birth: Abt 1180 in Of,Heddingdon,Oxfordshire,England.
Richard BASSET: Birth: Abt 1132 in of Walltingford,Berkshire,Eng.
RICHARD BASSET: Birth: Abt 1192 in ,Wallingford,Buckinghamshire,England.
Thomas BASSET: Birth: Abt 1178 in Of,Heddingdon,Oxfordshire,England.
Thurston BASSET: Birth: Abt 1156 in Of,Wallingford,Berkshire,England.
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Margaret BASSETT: Birth: Abt 1280 in Drayton,England. Death: 17 Mar 1336/1337
Thomas BASSETT: Birth: Abt 1156 in Of,Hedington,Oxford,England. Death: 1220
Theodora Batatzaina: Birth: Abt 1130 in of Constantiople,Canstantinople,Turkey.
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