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Marriage: Children:
  1. Rebecca Summers: Birth: Abt 1790 in Rowan County, NC. Death: 1846

  2. Isaac Summers: Birth: 1790 in Rowan County, NC. Death: Bef Sept 1815 in Wayne County, KY

  3. Nancy Sarah Summers: Birth: Abt 1791 in Rowan County, NC.

  4. Selah Summers: Birth: Abt 1794.

  5. Hiram Summers: Birth: Abt 1798 in Lee County, VA. Death: Abt 1865 in Appanoose County, IA

  6. Elizabeth Summers: Birth: Abt 1803 in Wayne County, KY.

  7. Joseph Ira Summers: Birth: 2 Aug 1806 in Wayne County, KY.

  8. Delilah Summers: Birth: Abt 1808 in Rowan County, NC.

  9. John Isaac Summers: Birth: 1809 in Wayne County, KY.

  10. Greenberry Summers: Birth: 1815 in Wayne County, KY.

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