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Marriage: Children:
  1. John Houk: Birth: 1773 in North Carolina, USA.

  2. Polly Houk: Birth: 1774 in North Carolina, USA.

  3. Fredrick Houk: Birth: 13 Oct 1776 in Lincoln County, North Carolina. Death: in Kentucky

  4. Michael Houk: Birth: 2 Mar 1778.

  5. George Houk: Birth: 1783.

  6. Sally Sarah Houk: Birth: 1786.

  7. Catherine Houk: Birth: 2 Mar 1797.

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1. Source:   S384
2. Title:   Moselem Church, Berks County, PA Zion's Evangelical Lutheran Church
Source:   S385

a. Note:   n a private in the command of Captain Neal of the Regiment command in North Carolina lines for 6 months serving in the Revolutionary War. He enlisted in Polk County, North Carolina, he was granted a pension. He listed in Polk County, North Carolina - Church record says Nicholas Hauck of Berks County, Vol II, Moselem Church - "Nicholas Hauck, son of Peter Hauck and wife Maria Schwederen, 26 Nov 1749, baptized 15 Apr 1750, sponsors Nicholas Kutz and Catherine Grimin. He was a Revolutioner.
Zion's Evangelical Lutheran Church of Richmond Township, Berks County, PA: Births & Baptisms / Hauk, Nicholas, born 25 Nov. 1749, parents - Peter H and wf. AnaMaria n. Scwednerin. Godparents - Nicholas Kutz and Catherine Grimin : On Aug 8, 1778 Nicholas is listed as a "nonjuror" in reference to the "Register of persons who refused or neglected to appear before the justice of their respective districts and take the oath of Affirmation of Alligience to the State". Listed along with Nicholas were George, Michael and Barnit Houk.
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