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Marriage: Children:
  1. Moses Thurston: Birth: 1770 in Brentwood, New Hampshire.

  2. Oliver Thurston: Birth: 10 May 1773 in Brentwood, New Hampshire. Death: 3 Oct 1852 in Freedom, New Hampshire

  3. Reuben Thurston: Birth: 1775 in Brentwood, New Hampshire. Death: 1840 in Exeter, New Hampshire

  4. William Thurston: Birth: 19 Oct 1777 in Brentwood, New Hampshire. Death: 19 May 1867 in Exeter, New Hampshire

  5. John Thurston: Birth: 5 Jul 1782 in Brentwood, New Hampshire. Death: 28 Mar 1869 in Kenduskeag, Maine

  6. Ann Thurston: Birth: 1784.

a. Note:   A butcher in Brentwood, New Hampshire. A large and athlectic man. Enlisted in Capt George March's Co., Col. John Goff's Reg. (6-3 to 27-11, 1760)
 Enlisted in Capt. Rowell's Co., Col Nathan Hale's Reg. 11 Feb 1778, in
 Sullivan's expedition in the battle of New Town, Chemug Co., NY, fougth
 Sunday August 29, 1779 and was wounded. Was a Sergeant in the 8th Co. of
 Col Reed's Reg., shot thur the thigh, and suffered for many years before
 ball could be removed. Discharged February 26, 1781, examined and
 commenced garrison duty February 26 recieved a pension of two dollars a
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