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Marriage: Children:
  1. Olive Adelia MILLARD: Birth: 27 Sep 1844 in Brooklyn, Susquehana, PA.

  2. Byron Albrey MILLARD: Birth: 30 Jul 1847 in Lennox, Susquehana, PA. Death: 27 Feb 1902

  3. William Asa MILLARD: Birth: 2 Sep 1849 in Springville, Susquehana, PA. Death: 19 Jun 1892 in Black River Falls, Jackson, WI

  4. Andrew Nelson MILLARD: Birth: 1 Sep 1851 in Auburn, Susquehana, PA. Death: 3 Apr 1875 in Killed By Accident With His Gun

  5. Ida May MILLARD: Birth: 7 May 1853 in Dimmock, Susquehana, PA. Death: 22 Feb 1863

  6. Charles Orion MILLARD: Birth: 15 May 1855 in Mount Pleasant, Whiteside, Ill.

  7. Lucy Jane MILLARD: Birth: 8 Feb 1857 in Brown Oak, Whiteside, IL. Death: 29 Oct 1857 in Brown Oak, Whiteside, IL

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