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Marriage: Children:
  1. Elizabeth ALDEN: Birth: 1624 in Plymouth, MA. Death: 31 May 1717 in Little Compton, Newport, RI

  2. John ALDEN: Birth: Abt 1626.

  3. Joseph ALDEN: Birth: Aft 22 May 1627.

  4. Jonathan ALDEN: Birth: 1633.

  5. Ruth ALDEN: Birth: 1635. Death: 1674

  6. David ALDEN: Birth: Abt 1645.

  7. Rebecca ALDEN: Birth: Bef 1649.

  8. Mary ALDEN: Death: Aft 13 Jun 1688

  9. Pricilla ALDEN: Death: Aft 13 Jun 1688

  10. Person Not Viewable

a. Note:   e Huguenot's who joined
 after Holland as previously thought. The log at the start of the voyage listed the
 Mullens Family as follows:
  Master William Mullens over 40 Tradesmen
 Mrs William Mullens * over 40 Joseph Mullens over 16 Priscila Mullens over 16 Robert Carter under 21 man servant *note mark was that family left at home in England an older daughter Sarah Blunden and an older son William Mullens
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