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Marriage: Children:
  1. John STEARNS: Birth: Abt 1631 in Watertown, MA. Death: 5 Mar 1669

  2. Issac STEARNS: Birth: 6 Jan 1633 in Watertown, MA. Death: 29 Aug 1676

  3. Sarah STEARNS: Birth: 22 Sep 1635 in Watertown, MA. Death: 4 Oct 1700

  4. Samuel STEARNS: Birth: 24 Apr 1638. Death: 3 Aug 1683

  5. Elizabeth STEARNS: Birth: 1640. Death: 24 Jun 1671

  6. Mary STEARNS: Death: 8 Jan 1663 in Chelmsford, Essex, MA

  7. Person Not Viewable

  8. Abigail STEARNS: Death: 16 Oct 1690

a. Note:   s notebook Pages 241-242
 as shown in the "Stearns Family" a book in the Historical Section of the Syracuse NYPublic
  On April 8,1630 the family is unboard a ship in Yarmouth the ship owned by Govenor
 and Puritian Squire John Winthrope, called the "Arbella" they landed at Salem, MA on June 12, 1630 after 76 days at sea. Since tillable was scarce the settlers dispursed into the country side informed the cities of Boston, Cambridge and Watertown to name a few were PART OF THE YEAR CALLED "The Great Migration" when 840 people left England in 11 ships and settled in New England to find religious and political freedom unlike the Pilgrims who settled Plymouth. The Puritins did not wish to leave the Church of England,
 only to :Purify" it.
  He was a planter and owned a farm near Watertown in 1631 he was listed as a town officer.
 Isaac and Mary also raisrd two children of Isaac's Brother Shubel Stearns.
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