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Marriage: Children:
  1. Matilda De Brittany: Birth: 1092 in Brittany,France. Death: Deceased

  2. Alan III "The Black" Brittany: Birth: Abt 1095 in Brittany,France. Death: 15 Sep 1146

  3. Olive Of Brittany: Birth: Abt 1096 in Penthievre,Morbihan,Bretagne,France. Death: Deceased

  4. Theophania De Brittany: Birth: Abt 1098. Death: Deceased

  5. Agnorie Penthievre De Bretagne: Birth: Abt 1110 in Brittany,France. Death: Deceased

  6. Henry De Brittany: Birth: Abt 1112 in Bretagne (Brittany),France. Death: 1183

  7. Geoffery II (Comes Britanniae) Boterel: Death: 1148

a. Note:   Name Suffix:<NSFX> Baron Of Richmond Name Suffix:<NSFX> Baron Of Richmond Name Suffix:<NSFX> Baron Of Richmond 1 NAME Etienne De /Penthievre/ 2 GIVN Etienne De 2 SURN Penthievre
Founder (1110) Augustinian Abbey of St. Croix at Guincamp, Brittany,France. Founder Cistercian Abbey of Begard, Brittany, France. Held Honour of Richmond in England.
STEPHEN, a count of Brittany, youngest son of Eudon,[a] succeededhiseldest brother, Geoffrey Boterel I, or Geoffrey's son Conan in the Bretonlands, and his brother Alan the Black in the honor of Richmond inEngland, thusuniting all the possessions of the family,but he appears tohave been out of possession of the honor of Richmond for a time duringthe reign of William II. In March 1101, he was a surety for Henry I forthe observance of an alliance with Robert, Count of Flanders, and on 3September 1101 at Windsor he witnessed charters of the King for Herbert,Bishop of Norwich, and for St. Peter's, Bath. On 30 October 1107 heexecuted at Lamballe a charter for the abbey of SS. Sergius and Bacchusat Angers, and in 1123 at Guingamp one for the abbey of St. Melaine atRennes. He was a benefactor of the abbey of St. Mary, York, and in theperiod 1125-35 confirmed to that house giftsof churches, tithes and landsin Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire, and Norfolk, which formedpart of the honor of Richmond. About the year 1110 he andhis, wifefounded the Augustinian abbey of Ste. Croix at Guingamp, and In 1130hefounded the Cistercian abbey of B├ęgard.
He married Hawise, whose parentage is unknown (e). He died 21April,probably in 1135 or I 136. His tomb was in the quire of St. Mary's,York. [Complete Peerage X:786-7, (transcribed by Dave Utzinger)]
[a] The filiation of Stephen has been a matter of dispute since the livesof him and his father cover about 135 years, and those of the two andStephen's youngest son, Count Henry, about 180. The descent, however, isbeyonddoubt, since in a charter for St. Edmund's he describes himself as"Stephanus comes Britanniae Eudonis comitis filius" and refers to hisbrother Alan the Redand to his sons Geoffrey, Alan andHenry, and this isborne out by other charters, in particular that of Duke Conan. There isno express evidence that Stephenwas the son of Eudon's wife Orguen, andhe may have been the issue of a secondmarriage.
(e) She was living in 1135, when, as "comitissa Hadewisa" she witnessedher husband's charter for St. Edmunds. In the first edition of thepresent work it is stated that she wasCountess of Guingamp and thatStephen became Count of Guingamp in her right. For this there seems tobe insufficient foundation: Guingamp in the diocese of Treguier would bea part of the lands of CountEudon. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.