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Marriage: Children:
  1. Stephen Count Of Brittany: Birth: 1065 in Penthievre,Morbihan,Bretagne,France. Death: Bef 21 Apr 1136 in St Marys,York,Yorkshire,England

  2. Alan The Red (Comes Britanniae) Lord Richmond: Death: 1093

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Marriage: Children:
  1. Bardolf Of Ravensworth: Birth: Abt 1045 in Brittany,France. Death: 1120 in Ravensworth,Richmond,North Riding Yorkshire,England

  2. Ribald Lord Of Middleham: Birth: Abt 1055 in Penthievre,Morbihan,Bretagne,France. Death: 1121 in Middleham,North Riding Yorkshire,England

Marriage: Children:
  1. Robert Seigneur D' Ivry: Birth: Abt 1024 in Breval,Yvelines,Ile-de-France,France. Death: Aft 1060 in Ivry-La-Bataille,Eure,Normandy,France

  2. Matilda De Brittany: Birth: Abt 1043 in Penthievre,Morbihan,Bretagne,France. Death: Deceased

a. Note:   REFN: ems-jw GEOFFREY, DUKE OF BRITTANY, married Hawise, daughter of Richard I, DUKEOFNORMANDY, and died in 1008, leaving two sons, Alan and Eudon. Duringtheir mother's lifetime the two brothers seem to have been joint rulersof Brittany, but on her death, on 21 February 1034, dissensions broke outbetween them; peace was restored by a settlement under which Eudonreceived a territory corresponding roughly to the dioceses of Dol, St.Mialo, St. Brieuc and TrĂ©guier, reduced in the hands of his successors tothe two last-named dioceses, while Alan retained therest of Brittany.After the death of Alan in 1040 Eudon seized the government of Brittanyto the exclusion of his nephew Conan, who recovered it in 1057. Eudondied 7 January 1079. He married Orguen, whose parentage is unknown.[CompletePeerage X:779-81, (transcribed by Dave Utzinger)]
Note: In the chart on X:781, CP notes that it is unsure if Orguen wasmother of Stephen, although CP mentions no other wife. AR does indicatethat Stephen was son of Agnes, probablydaughter of Alan Canhiart.
Note: According to the chart on CP:781, Geoffreyhad two different sonsnamed Alan, Count of Brittany, Lord of Richmond: Alan "TheRed", dsp. 4Aug 1089 and Alan "The Black", dsp. 1093. He also had possibly eldersons (Geoffrey, d. 24 Aug 1093, & Brian, Count of Brittany, heldCornwall,living 1069) and younger sons (William, Robert, & Richard). is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.