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Marriage: Children:
  1. Ed Biggins: Birth: 1865 in KY. Death: bef ORE 1942

  2. Anna Biggins: Birth: JAN. 1, 1868 in KY. Death: MARCH 12, 1942 in St. Mary's Hosp. E.St. Louis, IL

  3. Julia Biggins: Birth: 1870 in KY. Death: 1890 in TN

  4. William M. Biggins: Birth: MARCH 6, 1872 in KY. Death: FEB. 26, 1956 in Collinsville, Madison Co., IL

  5. Catharine "Kate" Biggins: Birth: MARCH 8, 1874 in KY. Death: 1894 in TN

  6. Mary Biggins: Birth: 1876 in KY. Death: bef ORE 1942

  7. John Patrick "Pat" Biggins: Birth: FEB. 12, 1878 in Stewart Co., TN. Death: DEC. 6, 1947 in Fairmont City, St. Clair Co.IL

  8. Charles Biggins: Birth: JAN. 2,1880 in TN. Death: bef ORE 1942

  9. Thomas Biggins: Birth: 9, JAN 1882 in TN. Death: AUG. 4, 1955 in Highland, Madison Co., IL

  10. Anthony Albert "Bert" Biggins: Birth: APRIL 3, 1884 in Lagrange, Stewart Co., TN. Death: 9, MAY 1972 in Jewish Hosp. in St. Louis, Jefferson Co., MO

a. Note:   MILITARY: "Ohio 1st Cavalry, Co. "H" - Union: This unit was formed from volunteers mostly from Hillsborough twp, Highland County, Ohio. James was injured in Battle of Stone River TN on about January 12, 1862, in which his horse was shot from under him and it caused fracture of his left leg, arm and collar bone. He was sent to the military hospital in Louisville, KY. After recovery, he was assigned as a body guard to Major General Thomas when on Dec. 20, 1862 he again suffered a horse falling on him with further injuries to the blood vessels in his left leg. He never recovered from his injuries and was given a disability discharge. On his Certificate of Disability for Discharge, he states he enlisted in the Ohio 1st Calvary at Hillsboro, Ohio on the 18th of Sept. 1861under Capt. W. Buck, to serve 3 years. He also declares he was born in Wilmington, Delaware and his age was 25 at that time (1863). That would have made his declared year of birth 1838. He was discharged on April 21, 1863 at Lagrange, TN. James stated he desired to be addressed at Louisville, KY. His discharge paper was signed by Capt. Fordyce.
 On July 3, 1884 James filed for an invalid pension for his war injuries. He was examined in August, 1884 and declared he was 55 years of age (1829). James signed the forms by "making his mark" as he could not write. His widow, Mary, declared in sworn statement that James was "of sound stout man in 1862 when she seen him last" unto he returned to Louisville in the army hospital there.
  On June 5, 1885, James's wife Mary was issued an Invalid Pension for $6 per month from July 3, 1884 until his death from the Knoxville office. There are several affidavits that declare he was physically disabled and not able to work most of the time due to pulmonary complaints.
  A sworn statement by Dave Kennedy certified he knew James Biggins from 1868 until his death. The statement was taken in Stewart Co. TN, but due to the date claimed, Kennedy must have known James in KY.
  Neighbor's Affidavit in Widow Pension Application (Mary) by D.W. Wallace of Lyon Co., KY stated he first knew James Biggins in Trigg Co., KY from about Dec. 1870 until about 1877 and was James's employer during that time.
 Death date is recorded by attending physician, R.L. Abernathy, and numerous sworn affidavits in Pension application by other physicians and co-workers. James had complained consistently after military discharge of chronic coughs and pain in his chest. He was not able to work but a few days per month and then usually at a small job that did not require physical activity. Several different physicians indicate in their sworn statements that James had suffered a fractured leg with resulting trauma to the viens and more importantly, a fractured collar bone in the military that was not properly set. The bone was indented upon his lung and the right upper lung had a solidification that would not allow proper breathing. It would result in chronic inflammation and subsequent bronchitis &/or pneumonia. Double pneumonia was the final cause of his death. He address was in Stribling, Stewart County, TN at time of his death.
 James Biggins buried in Winns cemetery, Stewart Co., TN; along with daughters Kate Biggins (1894) and Julia Biggins (1890).
 Tombstone reads "BIGGINS, James..Died Sep. 29, 1885..Aged 55 years. [*1830] Oddfellow emblem at top of Headstone...We can not tell who next may fall, beneath thy chastening rod, One must be first, but let us all prepare to meet our God".
 A sworn statement by Catholic priest Hugh Brady declared he married James Biggins and Mary Fahey on Sept. 29, 1862 as witnessed by Edward Walsh and Bridget Kelly. The marriage was recorded in the church records of the Cathedral of Louisville, KY. The marriage is also registered in the county clerk's office in Jefferson Co., KY.
 1870 Livingston Co., KY Census {593_482, Driskills Pct., pg. 178} , Biggins, James age 45 (1825) b. Ireland with both of his parents foreign born, indicates he is over 21 and a US Citizen; Mary (Fahy), age 24, keeping house, born Ireland and could not write; "Edda", male age 4 born KY; Anna age 2 born KY.
  NOTE: Several affidavits in Pension Package indicates James came to Bear Springs, Stewart Co., TN in July of 1877.
  1880 La Grange Iron Works, Stewart Co. TN census (#1281, ED #160, pg. 3} shows J. Biggins, laborer, age 52 (1828) born in Ireland as were his parents; wife Mary (Fahy) age 37 born LA, her parents born in Ireland; son Ed age 15 born KY; daughter Ann age 12 born KY; daughter Julia age 10 born KY; son William age 8 born KY; daughter Kate age 6 born KY; daughter Mary age 4 born KY; son John age 2 born TN; son Charles age 3/12 (shows March) born TN.
  1900 Dist. 11, Stribling, Stewart Co. TN census shows Mary Biggins (wife) but James Biggins is missing from Census due to his death in 1884.
  1930 Madison Co., IL census son William is listed and depicts James was born in Ireland.
  New York Passenger List, 1851-1891 & Irish Immigrants: New York Port Arrival Records, 1846-1851: James Biggins arrival date Sept. 2, 1851, in New York. Age 26 born 1825 in Ireland. Departed Galway, Ireland on the ship Horves. (Line #33, roll #104, list #1267) is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.