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Marriage: Children:
  1. Mary Blayney: Birth: 21 May 1858 in Williamstown, SA, Australia. Death: 25 Aug 1930 in Footscray Vic

  2. Constantine James Blayney: Birth: 26 Sep 1859.

  3. Hugh Patrick Blayney: Birth: 18 Jun 1861. Death: in Sydney

  4. Edward Blayney: Birth: 26 Feb 1863 in Ballarat, Vic, Australia. Death: 5 Feb 1864 in Ballarat, Vic, Australia

  5. Katherine Blayney: Birth: 4 Sep 1864.

  6. Edward O'Gorman Blayney: Birth: 28 Mar 1866.

  7. Rosina Blayney: Birth: 5 Mar 1868.

  8. Randal John Blayney: Birth: 30 Dec 1869. Death: 1876

  9. William Henry Blayney: Birth: 13 May 1871.

  10. Maurice Blayney: Birth: 7 May 1873.

  11. Martin Blayney: Birth: 7 May 1873.

  12. Peter Paul Blayney: Birth: 1875. Death: 22 Jan 1877

  13. Phillip Gregory Blayney: Birth: 27 Aug 1877. Death: 22 Jan 1888

  14. John Blayney: Birth: 1881.

  15. Peter Blayney: Birth: 1885 in Ballarat, Vic, Australia. Death: 20 Jan 1887 in Ballarat, Vic, Australia

a. Note:   Edward Blayney attended the special school built for 20 pupils with private tutor by his ancestors in Matagralane/Randlestown.
  Notes about Ancestors: Early in 1700's a Blayney eloped with a young Protestant Lass and all hell broke loose. He was excommunicated from the RC Church and banished by his family. He collected what substance was due to him and bought 4,000 acres of land at Matagralane and Randlestown, County Antrim, Nth Ireland, with the idea of starting a little kingdom of his own. He left a will saying the land could not be sold to any person other than a Blayney or relative by marriage, which order still stands.
  They built a special school for 20 pupils which is still in use today, and they have a private tutor. Those who could not find room in this Blayney colony had to go to Randlestown and elsewhere. We are related to at least half the population of the town.
  The Estate is now split up into numerous small farms. the Blayneys are nearly all gone and the name of Martin is most predominent, as well as Maloney, O'Keefe and Quinlan. They seem a very happy and well equipped community, all having good homes, and seem quite affluent compared to the Irish living standards. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.