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  1. Elizabeth Hambright: Birth: c 1755-60. Death: after 1821

a. Note:   738,age 11. He left Pennsylvania for Virginia at age 28,3 years later to N.C.,settling near the South Fork River. In 1748,Frederick was enrolled in his local militia during the Spanish Alarm. He became a commander against the Cherokees in Rutherford's campaign,1771,and was a Delegate to the 3rd Provincial Congress near Hillsborough August 1775,from Tryon Co.N.C.,and a member of the Committee of Safety,and Committee of the Continental Congress. He served as a Captain on the frontiers against the Cherokees in the Carolinas and Georgia June 1776 and in the autumn of '76. Frederick was made a Lt.Col. 1777-79,and in late '79 served in Lillington's Brigade to relieve Charleston,S.C.,escaping prior to Charleston's surrender. In 1780,he served under Col.McDowell in the Broad River region; he succeeded Col.Graham at the Battle of Kings' Mountain (7 October 1780),the turning point of the war for the patriots. Prior to the battle,Hambright received word that the opposing commander,Maj.Patrick "Bulldog" Ferguson (the man who once had Gen. George Washington's head in his rifle sight,but thought it undignified to shoot a man in the back of the head),inventor of a breech-loading rifle,was donning a checked duster over his uniform. Hambright told his men,"Well,poys,when you see dot man mit a pig shirt on over his clothes,you may know who him is,and mark him mit your rifles". Near the end of the battle,Col.Hambright was shot through the thigh,and his boot overflowed with blood. He declined assistance,saying,"Huzza,my prave poys,fight on a few minutes more,and te battle will be over!" Maj. Ferguson mocked the Colonel,yelling to his Tories,"Huzza,brave boys,the day is our own!" Ferguson was shot down soon after. Col.Hambright refused aid after the conflict until the more seriously wounded could be treated. An honorary sword awarded to Frederick in 1786 is on display at the Kings' Mountain Battlefield Park,York Co. S.C. A monument on the mountain marks the spot where he was wounded. Frederick was an elder in Shiloh Presbyterian Church,and is said to have been stout,with piercing eyes. An interesting descendant of Col. Frederick Hambright and his 2nd wife is Thomas Dixon (Jr.) (1864-1946),attorney,legislator,pastor,author,playwright and lecturer. Other descendants: Horace George Hambright (c1876-96). Possible descendants: Roger Dee Hambright; Ralph Erskine Hambright Jr. (1922-45).
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