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Note:   If his own deposition can be believed, then John Culpeper, 'the Rebel' of Albemarle was born between November 1641 and August 1648. This critical fact can be found in the Master's Thesis of William S. Smith, Jr., "Culpeper's Rebellion, New Data and Old Problems, page 19: "... while both [Fairfax] Harrison and others list John Culpeper's birthdate as about 1633, a transcript of Albemarle John Culpeper's deposition for the trial of Thomas Miller for blasphemous utterings lists John Culpeper's age as thirty one. Unfortunately, no specific date is given for this deposition although it must have been between November 1673 when the alleged offense occurred and August 1679 when Miller's final trial for these alleged offenses occurred. Reading of a photocopy of the original manuscript of the deposition from which William L. Saunders' Colonial Records data was taken shows that Culpeper's age was correctly transcribed."
Thus, it does NOT seem likely, unless the above statement can be disproved, that John Culpeper of Albemarle was John, son of Thomas Culpeper and Katherine St. Leger, as their son John was known to have been born in 1633. This directly contradicts the long held belief that John of Albemarle was in fact their son. Fairfax Harrison suggested this possibility in the 1920's, but did not have the above mentioned deposition at his disposal at the time.
If John of Albemarle was not the son of Thomas and Katherine, then who was he? No clear and decisive answer has emerged to this question.
One possibility is that he was John Alleyne Culpepper, who was alledgedly the son of the Rev. William Culpeper of Barbados, and his wife Margaret Alleyne. For additional commentary on this possibility, see the Historical Section of the Culpepper Connections Web Site.
A second possibility is that he was the son of John Culpeper, born 1606, the "Merchant," who was the son of John Culpeper of Feckenham and wife Ursula Woodcock. This writer currently favors this idea, since both John of Albemarle, and John (born 1606) were known to have been merchants, and both had dealings with merchants in New England. See the articles on John (born 1606) and on his possible son Henry (born circa 1633) for further details.
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