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Marriage: Children:
  1. Fred Edgar Ritchie: Birth: 26 Aug 1900 in Denton, Denton Co., TX. Death: 31 Dec 1967 in Dallas, Dallas Co., TX

  2. Cappie Viola Ritchie: Birth: 8 Aug 1902. Death: 9 Oct 1921

  3. Clarence Ritchie: Birth: 29 Feb 1904. Death: 12 Aug 1984 in Denton, Denton Co., TX

  4. Texie Ritchie: Birth: 6 Nov 1905. Death: 5 Jul 1907

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  6. Ira Lee Ritchie: Birth: 26 Mar 1910. Death: 20 Jan 1992 in Cherokee Co., TX

Marriage: Children:
  1. Clifford "Cliff" Monroe Ritchie: Birth: 2 May 1912. Death: 28 Mar 1968

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a. Note:   Ira Franklin was believed to be the oldest child of his father Jasper's second marriage. Ira left home twice and the last time at 16 he never returned. He told several stories about jumping on a log in the river and floating down stream to get away. Refused to talk about his childhood or his family even to his second wife Frankie Peacock. When he was aked questions he replied to "Just let well enough alone" Buried in Denton, Texas, Oakwood Cemetery with first wife, Effie.
  Ira did mention the subject of logging and the three cities, Lansing, Saginaw andFlint, Michigan.
  Lansing in Ingham County (Eaton-Clinton-Shiawassee) Saginaw in Saginaw County Flint is in Genesee County
  Denton County Marriage License states m. Effie Peacock July 24, 1899.
  Per Texas Department of Health Bureau of Vital Statistics Certificate of Birth for Fred Edgar Ritchie states that Ira Frank Ritchie was a farmer and his mother had six children. Address was RFD 5, Box 129 Dallas TX at time of Certificate (August 5, 1940).
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