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Marriage: Children:
  1. Sarah McCormick: Birth: 22 Apr 1786 in Bedford County, Pennsylvania. Death: Abt 1850 in Delaware Co, IN

  2. Anna McCormick: Birth: 6 Sep 1787 in Bedford County., Pennsylvania. Death: 23 Jan 1880 in Jonesboro, Grant Co., Indiana

  3. Samuel McCormick: Birth: 23 Sep 1789 in Bedford County, Pennsylvania. Death: 2 Jun 1867 in Hendricks Co, Indiana

  4. John McCormick: Birth: 15 Sep 1792 in Bedford County, Pennsylvania. Death: 25 Aug 1825 in Marion Co, Indianapolis, Indiana

  5. William McCormick: Birth: 27 Sep 1793 in Bedford County, Pennsylvania. Death: 14 Oct 1868 in Wheeling, Delaware Co., Ind

  6. Joseph McCormick: Birth: 7 Sep 1795 in Butler County, Ohio. Death: 5 Dec 1853 in Lee Co, Iowa

  7. James McCormick: Birth: 5 Dec 1797 in Butler County, Ohio. Death: 6 Oct 1858 in Hendricks Co, Indiana

  8. Robert McCormick: Birth: 19 Jun 1804 in Butler or Preble County, Ohio. Death: Aft 1870 in Winchester, Clark Co, Missouri USA

  9. Lewis W McCormick: Birth: 9 Jun 1807 in Preble County, Ohio. Death: 30 Apr 1880 in Fayette Co, Indiana

  10. Catherine McCormick: Birth: 20 Dec 1808 in Preble Co., Ohio. Death: 11 Jul 1900 in Muncie, Delaware Co, Indiana

  11. David McCormick: Birth: 24 Jan 1811 in Preble County., Ohio. Death: 16 Jan 1879 in Platte Co., Missouri

  12. Mary McCormick: Birth: 9 Jul 1813 in Preble Co, Ohio or Fayette Co, Connersville, Indiana. Death: 1 Nov 1815 in Fayette Co, Connersville, Indiana

1. Title:   Lotus Lilly McCormick Stauffer
2. Title:   One World Tree (sm)
Publication:   Provo, UT, USA: The Generations Network, Inc., n.d.
3. Title:   Connersville Library

a. Note:   Transcripts of John McCormick's pension application: Match of John to Francis McCormick is based on family trees listed online, and several pieces of Information: John stated that he was born within eight miles of Winchester, VA, which put it in the range of Francis McCormick's farm Lang Sine. John states that he was on the "Holstein River" in 1776 when he first joined the Virginia militia, which is in SW VA, or what is now NE Tennessee. During the war he ended up in Bedford, PA. He also states he moved to Ohio in 1795. LDS microfilm library Reel # 0031412 Wills and Deeds of Hampshire Co. Virginia 1790 to 1804. Page 102 (bottom) to page 104 Dated 4 Nov 1793 Francis McCormick to John McCormick -- 100 acres plus houses, buildings, orchards, ways waters, watercourses, profits, commodieies, and hereditaments and appurtenances, in the county of Frederick for (500) five hundred pounds. It was common for fathers to "sell" their land to sons when the father was nearing the end of his life, so that creditors could not attach the land during probate to pay debts. John McCormick sold his VA property to his brothers Province & Thomas in 1795. According to the current owner of Lang Sine farm, Francis "sold" Lang Sine to his eldest son John in 1793; Francis died in 1794; John sold Lang Sine to his brothers Province and Thomas in 1795. This is based on the same land transactions referenced above. According to Hugh.M.McIlhany in "Some Virginia Families" page 222 Francis McCormick's son John "moved to Ohio early in life." According to J.E Norris "History of the Lower Shenandoah Valley..." Page 628 "Two of the seven sons of the first Francis, who, as shown at the beginning of this sketch, was the son of the original first McCormick [Dr. John Isaac McCormick], who settled in this section, left Virginia when young." Both Francis's (1734) sons Francis Jr and John ended up in Southwestern Ohio at the same time. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.