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a. Note:   JOHN L. McCORMICK, late of Indianapolis, was widely known as a carpente r, contractor and builder of many years standing in that city. He was born in Rush county, four mil es south of Rushville, at Perkins Corners, March 24, 1825, son ofJames and Patsy (Perkins) McCormic k, who are fully mentioned ill the sketch of Lycurgus P. McCormick. Mr. McCormick was a year old when his parents moved to Shelby county, a nd seven years old when they returned to Indianapolis, in1832. He had his home in Marion county a nd in Indianapolis until 1855, when he moved to Hendricks county, living there until 1860. After that, un til his death, he made his home in Indianapolis, residing for forty years in the home at No. 1402 Nor th Capitol avenue, now occupied by his widow. He owned that place and other city property. His fi rst schooling was secured in an old-fashioned subscription school. When about eighteen years old he beg an learning the millwright and carpenter trades, which he followed from 1849. Mr. McCormick was indep endent in political matters, although he had Republican tendencies. Mr. McCormick was married Aug. 9, 1848, to Julia Ann Pitts, who was born M arch 2, 1826, near Pendleton, Ind., daughter of Stephen and Rachel (Hendricks) Pitts. To th em were born three children : (1) Rachel R. married John H. Koontz, and theyhad two sons, Ora L. and Har ry L. (deceased), both of whom married and lived in Illinois. The mother is now deceased. (2) Ma ry E. married Matthias Garver (deceased), and now lives on Capitol avenue, Indianapolis. They had five d aughters, but none are living. A granddaughter, Alta Garver Gladdon, lives with Mrs.Garver. (3) Fannie, w ho married Charles J. Miller (now deceased). of Chicago,now resides with her mother. Mr. and Mrs. Mill er had no children. Stephen Pitts, father of Mrs. McCormick, was born near Nashville, Tenn., a nd passed hisearly life in that state. His father died when the family, Stephen, James andseveral sis terElizabeth, Margaret and others, were young, and Stephen was bound out to a strict Presbyterian fam ily. When sixteen years old he enlisted in the war of 1812, after which he settled in Hamilton count y, Ohio, where he learned the tailors trade, becoming an usually skilled workman. He always made theclot hing he and his sons wore. Stephen Pitts was married in Ohio to Rachel Hendricks, a native of that st ate, daughter of David and Rose Hendricks. David Hendricks was a Revolutionary soldier and an early s ettler of Ohio, made his home in Eaton, that State, and died in Ohio. After his marriage Stephen Pi tts came to Indiana, settling in Richmond, where he worked for old Mr. Mansur, whose son, William Mansur, m arried a daughter of David V. Culley. David and George, the first two children of Mr. and Mr s. Stephen Pitts, were born in Richmond, whence in 182.1 or 1822 the family moved to Indianapolis, whe re Mr. Pitts owned,the ground now occupied by the Soldiers Monument. They remained there, however, on ly a short time, removing to Pendleton, where he took a claim. His wife always said her happiest days w ere spent on that place. The following children were born to Mr. and Mrs. Pitts: David never married: G eorge W., of Indianapolis, married Mary Ann Beechart; Julia Ann was the wife of John L. McCormick; El iza Ann died in infancy; Cynthia married Joseph Butsch, of Indianapolis; Mary E. married Truman Fre nch, of Indianapolis; Martha married Granville Mathews, ofIndianapolis, and died nine months aft erward; Frank M. married Fredonia Morrell; Rachel died in infancy; Hiram died at the age of sixtee n. Only three of this family are now living, Mrs. Julia A. McCormick, Mrs. Cynthia Butsch and Mrs.Martha Ma thews. Mrs. Pitts died at the age of fifty-nine years, and Mr. Pittssurvived her a year, reaching t he age of sixty-one. He drew a pension for hisservices in the war of 1812. In his early days he was a gre at hunter, is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.