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Marriage: Children:
  1. John Pendleton Leinneweber: Birth: ABT. 1891 in TX.

  2. Rosa Fern Leinneweber: Birth: 15 JAN 1893 in San Marcos, Hays Co., TX. Death: 5 OCT 1973 in San Angelo, Tom Green Co., TX

  3. Vauna Beatrice Leinneweber: Birth: ABT. 1898 in San Angelo, Tom Green Co., TX.

  4. Ethel Eva Leinneweber: Birth: JUL 1899.

  5. Johnny Ray Leinneweber: Birth: 20 JUN 1909 in San Angelo, Tom Green Co., TX. Death: 15 FEB 1978 in Oceanside, San Diego Co., CA

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a. Note:   ________________________________________ Hi Terri & all, I found the newspaper clipping that was in my Grandmother Thornton's scrapbook about Annie Victoria McDonald who married Johnnie Independence Leinneweber. I will type it out here. It tells a special love story. San Angelo, Tex., Aug. 3. --(A.P.)-- Father Time, a book and the county clerk have retied the threads of a western storybook romance in the lives of two Texas pioneers. Just fifty-four years, one week and a day after they became man and wife, July 4, 1881, "Queen Bee" and "L.V." were remarried. The bride--a great-grandmother of 9--is the former Mrs. Annie Leinneweber, and the bridegroom--a pioneer cattleman-- is Capt. L.V. Arnold, 71, a special night police officer at Fort Worth. And here is their story--the childhood, first marriage, years of separation and remarriage of two Enoch Ardens of west Texas who thought each other dead for a half-century. Captain Arnold was born in Hill county Feb. 12, 1864; his wife at Fredericksburg on June 9, 1865. As children they herded geese together around the cabins of their parents in Burnet county. FOUND GIRL IN INDIAN CAMP. The little girl became "Queen Bee"--the name given her by Indians with whom she lived ten years as a captive. "L.V." grew to be a top hand cowboy. He found "Queen Bee" in an Indian camp, bought her from the chief and married her. Shortly afterward "Queen Bee" was reunited with her family. Her father moved to another county and took his daughter with him. The newlyweds were not to see each other for a lifetime. Believing each other lost, each wedded again. "Queen Bee" married J.I. Leinneweber in 1887. He died in San Angelo in 1927. They had three children. Captain Arnold and Miss Lucy White were married in 1889 and divorced eleven years ago. Two of their four sons, Ross and Dave Arnold, aviators, died in air disasters. Formerly owner and operator of the Arnold ranch in Llano county, Captain Arnold grew up in the cattle industry. His experiences were many. He wrote two books on his life--one telling the love story of "Queen Bee" and "L.V." RECOGNIZED SELF IN THE BOOK. Recently "Queen Bee" underwent an operation here. She was visited by Mrs. Allie Rhymes, a niece of Captain Arnold. Mrs. Rhymes listened to "Queen Bee's" account of her early life. She brought "Queen Bee" a copy of Captain Arnold's book. "Queen Bee" recognized herself and a hurried message to Fort Worth reunited the couple. They were remarried at the bedside of the Bride's 86-year-old mother, Mrs. E.P. Sellers of Lake View. The bride's brother, the Rev. J.F. McDonald of Long Beach, California, performed the ceremony. > There are quite a few clues as the places that events occurred and I am wondering which county Lake View is in. Can anyone tell me, plus the McDonalds lived in Burnet Co for awhile before going to a different county. Also Annie Victoria McDonald-Leinneweber-Arnold may have died in Tarrant Co., TX. Does anyone have access to finding out any info from that county. I thought the story was quite that, a neat love story. Any comments? Sue in CA __________________________________________________________________ Tom Green County Courthouse Marriage Records: The other is for L.V.Arnold and Mrs. A.V.Leinneweber.The number is I-603.They were married by J.E.McDonald of Long Beach,California on the 12th of July,1935. The J.E. stands for James Edward,usually called "Ed" by the family. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------ Ann Choate Post - 4/27/98: We have a new mystery down here. Annie McDonald Leinneweber did marry L.V. Arnold after Johnnie I. died,but in the city records of San Angelo she is again listed as living in a house in North Angelo and is again using the name of Annie Leinneweber rather than Arnold. This was
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