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Marriage: Children:
  1. Samuel Demoret BENNETT: Birth: 18 Jun 1797 in , , Pennsylvania, USA. Death: 15 Dec 1859 in Fruit Hill, Anderson Twp, Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., OH

  2. James Oliver BENNETT: Birth: Abt 1799 in , , Pennsylvania, USA.

  3. John D. BENNETT: Birth: 1802-1803 in , , Pennsylvania, USA.

  4. Nancy M. BENNETT: Birth: 18 Jul 1805 in , , Pennsylvania, USA.

  5. Landon BENNETT: Birth: 1809-1810 in , , Pennsylvania, USA.

  6. Elizabeth BENNETT: Birth: Abt 1811 in , , Pennsylvania, USA.

  7. Alydia BENNETT: Birth: Abt 1813 in , , Pennsylvania, USA.

  8. Phebe BENNETT: Birth: Abt 1815 in , , Pennsylvania, USA.

  9. David BENNETT: Birth: Abt 1817 in , , Pennsylvania, USA.

  10. Sophia BENNETT: Birth: Abt 1819 in , , Pennsylvania, USA.

  11. Mary BENNETT: Birth: Abt 1821 in , , Pennsylvania, USA.

  12. Moses BENNETT: Birth: Abt 1823 in , , Pennsylvania, USA.

  13. George Washington BENNETT: Birth: Abt 1825 in , , Pennsylvania, USA.

  14. Sarah Ann BENNETT: Birth: Abt 1827 in , , Pennsylvania, USA.

Marriage: Children:
  1. James Oliver BENNETT: Birth: 12 Sep 1799 in Hamilton, Hamilton Co., OH. Death: 4 Sep 1884 in Hancock, Switzerland Co., IN

  2. John D. BENNETT: Birth: 1803 in OH. Death: 1911 in Putman Co., IN

  3. David BENNETT: Birth: 1806 in OH. Death: 2 Dec 1870 in Carroll Co., IN

  4. Nancy Mccullen BENNETT: Birth: 12 Aug 1807 in OH. Death: 19 Nov 1880 in Hancock, Switzerland Co., IN

  5. Landon BENNETT: Birth: 16 Nov 1808 in OH. Death: 31 May 1866 in Mercer Co., OH

  6. Elizabeth BENNETT: Birth: 27 Jan 1811 in OH. Death: 18 Sep 1892 in Rockfield, Carroll Co., IN

  7. Alydia Lydia BENNETT: Birth: Abt 1812 in OH.

  8. Sophia BENNETT: Birth: 22 Jan 1813 in OH. Death: 18 Apr 1867 in Hancock, Switzerland Co., IN

  9. Phebe BENNETT: Birth: 1817 in OH.

  10. Mary (Polly) BENNETT: Birth: 5 Apr 1825 in Butler Co., OH. Death: 17 May 1898 in Carroll Co., IN

Marriage: Children:
  1. Elmira BENNETT: Birth: 8 Sep 1829 in Butler Co., OH. Death: 2 Jul 1830 in Butler Co., OH

  2. Joseph Jackson BENNETT: Birth: 8 Oct 1830 in Butler Co., OH. Death: 11 Oct 1833 in Hancock, Switzerland Co., IN

  3. Moses Bloomfield BENNETT: Birth: 2 Sep 1832 in Butler Co., OH. Death: 20 Jan 1876 in Hancock, Switzerland Co., IN

  4. George Washington BENNETT: Birth: 22 May 1834 in Blue River, Washington, Indiana, USA. Death: 8 Jan 1895 in Hancock, Switzerland Co., IN

  5. Sarah Ann BENNETT: Birth: 9 May 1836 in Blue River, Washington, Indiana, USA. Death: 27 Jan 1862 in Rush Co., IN

  6. Loes BENNETT: Birth: 24 Feb 1840 in Blue River, Washington, Indiana, USA. Death: 28 Oct 1843 in Hancock, Switzerland Co., IN

1. Title:   BENNETT-JOHNSON -WAPLES Families, Walter V Beall
2. Title:   A History of Shelby And Hancock Counties, IN

a. Note:   !BURIAL:John is buried in Asbury Cemetery. !SOURCES: Abstract of Book 1 & Book A Probate record 1791-1826 Hamilton County Chapter Ohio Genealogical Society PO Box-15185 Cincinnati, Ohio 45217. Book 1: Page 169 At a court of common pleas 7 Dec 1808: John MaKee appt guard Samuel Bennet, ae 10. Bond: $100. Page 205: At a court of common pleas 7 December 1812: Samuel Bennet decd. Admrs: Silence Bennet & Nicholas Demerit. Bond $800. Apprs: I, B. Miller, Christian Eversol, John Vanbranken. Page 230: At a court of common pleas 6 December 1813: Samuel Bennet decd. Nicholas Demerit admr. Ext. Page 273: At a court of common pleas 4 April 1815: Barabas Niles appd guard William Bennet, ae 10, 15 Sept 1884, child of Samuel Bennet decd. Bond:$100. Page 301: At a court of common pleas 4 December 1815: Samuel Bennet decd. of Anderson Twp. Petition for partition by Nicholas Demoret, heir. Comm: John Whetstone, Ichabod B. Miller, Christian Eversol. Pag 313 At a court of common pleas 25 March 1816: Samuel Bennet decd. Comm John Whetsone, Ichabod B. Miller & Christian Eversol report. Sale order issued Silence Bennet & Nicholas Demoret admrs. Page 326 At a court of common pleas 22 July 1816: Samuel Bennet decd. Sale return. Butler Co. Ohio Deed Books 19 Jan 1818, John Bennett of Butler Co. bought 118 acres in Butler Co. for $1,000. book G pg. 88. 15 Oct 1822 John & Elizabeth Bennet sold 60 acres for $300. Elizabeth signed her name-John made ..his mark. Book I pg. 338-339. 21 Feb. 1827 John Bennett sold 58 70/100 acres for $350 to sons James O. & David John signed ..with his mark book N pg 183 2 Dec. 1828 John Bennett bought back the land from his sons for $350..58 70/100 acres book P .pg. 428 13 March 1833 John Bennet bought 80 acres for $250. book A pg. 499 13 March 1833 John Bennet bought 80 acres for $600. book A pg. 500-501 14 April 1834 John & Nancy Bennet sold 120 acres for $350. both John& Nancy signed with their ..mark book B pg. 107
  !WILL: WILL OF JOHN BENNETT (record of Wills #0 Pg. 27 Hancock Co. Indiana) In the Name of God, Amen, I, John Bennet, knowing the certainty of death and the uncertainty of life, on a mature deliberation think fit to devise and make this my last will and testament. FIRST: I will my soul to God who gave it. SECOND: After my death I will my body a decent interment and then I will to my beloved wife, Nancy Bennet, after all my debts are honestly paid and all other necessary expenses purposes are paid that she my beloved wife shall have all my moveable property and have the full use of all my lands and tenements during her natural life for the express of bringing up my younger children and then after her death all my lands to be equally divided amongst all my children and also the moveable property if any be left. In testimony whereof I have here unto set my hand and seal this 27th day of March 1850. His John X Bennet Mark And we being called upon to attest the above, Purcy Kitchell Moses H. Hewit You do solemnly swear that you saw John Bennet, sign, seal, publish and declare the above writing as his last will and testament. That you believe he was at the time of its execution of sound mind and memory, and that you signed your name there to as a witness in the presence of said testator at his request so help you God. Moses Hewit Subscribed and sworn to this 30th day of May A.M. 1851. M. Sebastion, Clerk !Census records: 1820 Ohio, Butler Co. Morgan TWP page 29A John Bennet 2 M 10-16 5 F under 10 1 M 16-18 1 F 10-16 2 M 16-26 1 F 45 & over 1 M 45 & over 1 engaged in agriculture 1830 Ohio Butler Co. Morgan TWP. John Bennet 1 M 60-70 2 F under 5 2 F 10-15 1 F 30-40 1850 Ohio Hancock Co. Blue River TWP John Bennett 82 M farmer 500 real estate b. New Jersey Nancy Bennett 53 F b. New Jersey Moses Bennett 17 M farmer b. Ohio George W. Bennett 15 M farmer b. Indiana Sarah Ann Bennett 14 F b. Indiana 1860 Ohio Hancock Co. Blue River TWP George W. Bennett 26 M farmer b. Indiana Agnes Bennett 21 F b. Indiana James M. Bennett 5/12 M b. Indiana Nancy Bennett 64 F b. New Jersey !SOURCE: Information from Karen Bennett: John Bennett and his second wife Nancy Bloomfield were born in New Jersey. They married in 1828 in Butler Co., OH. In 1833 they left Butler Co. and came to Hancock Co., IN. As farmers, they purchased land in Blue River Township abutting Shelby Co. In 1835 they purchased 36 acres in Hanover Twp. Shelby Co., part of the farm once owned by his sister Phebe and her husband Peter Belveal, also located near the farm of his brother, Abel Bennett, Sr. They had 6 children, 3 lived to maturity: Moses Bloomfield, George Washington and SarahAnn (Bennett) Newhouse. !SOURCE: A History of Shelby and Hancock Co., IN., p. 270 is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.