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Benjamin Cantrell: Birth: ABT 1796 in ,Spartanburg,SC.
Brittian Cantrell: Birth: 1766 in ,Rockingham,NC.
Charles Cantrell: Birth: ABT 1752.
Dorothy Cantrell: Birth: ABT 1699 in Phil,Phil,Pa.
Edward Cantrell: Birth: ABT 1764 in New Castle,Lawrence,Pa.
Edwin Porter Cantrell: Birth: 17 JAN 1874 in Smithville,DeKalb,Tenn. Death: 1908
Elizabeth Cantrell: Birth: ABT 1831 in Smithville,DeKalb,TN.
Elizabeth Cantrell: Birth: ABT 1798 in ,Spartanburg,SC.
Ellen Arbell Cantrell: Birth: 17 JUL 1878 in Glasgow,Barren,Kntc. Death: 24 NOV 1958
Hannah Cantrell: Birth: 20 MAR 1720 in Delaware,,Pa.
Inthy Cantrell: Birth: ABT 1850 in Smithville,DeKalb,Tenn. Death: 1880
Isaac Cantrell: Birth: ABT 1745 in New Castle,Lawrence,Pa.
Isaac Cantrell: Birth: ABT 1729 in Delaware,,Pa.
Jacob Cantrell: Birth: ABT 1747 in New Castle,Lawrence,Pa. Death: 1790
James Denton Cantrell: Birth: 4 DEC 1864 in Smithville,DeKalb,Tenn. Death: 30 MAR 1893
James Cantrell: Birth: ABT 1794 in ,Spartanburg,SC. Death: 1869
James Cantrell: Birth: ABT 1820 in Smithville,DeKalb,TN.
James Cantrell: Birth: 1763 in New Castle,Lawrence,Pa.
Jasper C. Cantrell: Birth: 17 JUN 1847 in Smithville,DeKalb,Tenn. Death: 12 SEP 1920
Jasper Cantrell: Birth: ABT 1826 in Smithville,DeKalb,TN.
John Cantrell: Birth: OCT 1724 in New Castle,Lawrence,Pa. Death: 1803
John Cantrell: Birth: ABT 1751. Death: SEP 1825
Joseph Cantrell: Birth: ABT 1748 in New Castle,Lawrence,Pa. Death: 1804
Joseph Cantrell: Birth: ABT 1695 in Philadelphia,,Pa.
Joseph Cantrell: Birth: JUN 1726 in Delaware,,Pa.
Joshua Cantrell: Birth: ABT 1754.
Josie Cleopatra Cantrell: Birth: 26 MAY 1871 in Smithville,DeKalb,Tenn. Death: 26 FEB 1941 in Wellington,Carbon,Utah
Katherine Cantrell: Birth: 7 JAN 1854 in Smithville,DeKalb,Tenn. Death: 1898
Kizzie Cantrell: Birth: ABT 1797 in Smithville,DeKalb,TN. Death: ABT 1865 in Smithville,DeKalb,TN
Martha Jane Cantrell: Birth: ABT 1844 in Smithville,DeKalb,Tenn. Death: 1889
Martha Cantrell: Birth: ABT 1835 in Smithville,DeKalb,TN.
Martha Cantrell: Birth: ABT 1806 in Smithville,DeKalb,TN.
Mary Roseanne Cantrell: Birth: 3 APR 1869 in Smithville,DeKalb,Tenn. Death: 6 JAN 1943
Mary Cantrell: Birth: ABT 1849 in Smithville,DeKalb,Tenn. Death: 1896
Mary Cantrell: Birth: ABT 1808 in Smithville,DeKalb,TN. Death: 7 FEB 1888
Mary Cantrell: Birth: in Phil,Phil,Pa. Death: 6 JUN 1695
Matilda Cantrell: Birth: ABT 1804 in Smithville,DeKalb,TN.
Nancy King Cantrell: Birth: 9 APR 1882 in Smithville,DeKalb,Tenn. Death: 24 SEP 1882
Nancy Cantrell: Birth: ABT 1800 in ,Spartanburg,SC.
Peter Cantrell: Birth: ABT 1789 in ,Spartanburg,SC.
Peter Cantrell: Birth: ABT 1759.
Preston Franklin Cantrell: Birth: 22 APR 1846 in Smithville,DeKalb,Tenn. Death: 9 MAR 1933 in Smithville,DeKalb,Tenn
Preston Franklin Cantrell: Birth: 8 APR 1886 in ,DeKalb,Tenn.
Rayburn Cantrell: Birth: ABT 1792 in ,Spartanburg,SC.
Reasonable Reese Cantrell: Birth: 6 APR 1876 in Smithville,DeKalb,Tenn. Death: 11 JUN 1946
Reuben Cantrell: Birth: 1762 in New Castle,Lawrence,Pa.
Richard Cantrell: Birth: ABT 1668 in ,Derby,Eng.
Ruah Delmer Cantrell: Birth: 9 AUG 1889 in ,DeKalb,Tenn. Death: 23 JUL 1912
Sarah Cantrell: Birth: ABT 1828 in Smithville,DeKalb,TN.
Sarah Cantrell: Birth: ABT 1802 in ,Spartanburg,SC.
Simon Cantrell: Birth: ABT 1757.
Stephen Cantrell: Birth: 1749 in New Castle,Lawrence,Pa.
Thomas Cantrell: Birth: ABT 1761 in New Castle,Lawrence,Pa.
Tilmon Cantrell: Birth: ABT 1818 in Smithville,DeKalb,TN.
William Henry Cantrell: Birth: 18 MAR 1867 in Smithville,DeKalb,Tenn. Death: 23 MAY 1962
William Cantrell: Birth: ABT 1824 in Smithville,DeKalb,TN.
Zebulon Cantrell: Birth: ABT 1728 in Delaware,,Pa.
Zebulon Cantrell: Birth: ABT 1697 in Phil,Phil,Pa.
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Hugh Capet: Birth: ABT 939 in ,,Fr. Death: 24 OCT 996
Hugh Capet: Birth: ABT 939 in ,,Fr. Death: 24 OCT 996
Hugh Capet: Birth: ABT 939 in ,,Fr. Death: 24 OCT 996
Hugh Capet: Birth: ABT 939 in ,,Fr. Death: 24 OCT 996
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Isabella Carminow: Birth: ABT 1320 in Treelowyth,Corn,Eng.
John Carminow: Birth: ABT 1394 in Treelowyth,Corn,Eng.
John Carminow: Birth: ABT 1290 in Treelowyth,Corn,Eng. Death: 8 NOV 1332
John Carminow: Birth: ABT 1324 in Treelowyth,Corn,Eng.
Margaret Carminow: Birth: ABT 1422 in ,Dev,Eng.
Matilda Carminow: Birth: ABT 1346 in Treelowyth,Corn,Eng. Death: 22 AUG 1382
Nicholas Carminow: Birth: ABT 1398 in Treelowyth,Corn,Eng.
Ralph Carminow: Birth: ABT 1349 in Treelowyth,Corn,Eng.
Thomas Carminow: Birth: ABT 1396 in Treelowyth,Corn,Eng. Death: 1443
Walter Carminow: Birth: ABT 1400 in Treelowyth,Corn,Eng.
Walter Carminow: Birth: ABT 1322 in Treelowyth,Corn,Eng.
William Carminow: Birth: ABT 1351 in Treelowyth,Corn,Eng. Death: 1407
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Margaret Carsve: Birth: ABT 1562 in of Rattlesden,suf,Eng.
Hannah Carter: Birth: 2 MAR 1596 in of Woburn,Mddx,Ma. Death: 20 SEP 1657
John Carter: Birth: ABT 1612. Death: 14 SEP 1692
Joseph Carter: Birth: ABT 1608. Death: 31 JAN 1676
Mary Carter: Birth: ABT 1614.
Samuel Carter: Birth: ABT 1610. Death: 29 AUG 1681
Thomas Carter: Birth: in of Charlestown,,Ma. Death: BEF 5 MAY 1652
Thomas Carter: Birth: ABT 1606. Death: 30 DEC 1694
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Patience Casslen: Birth: ABT 1545 in of Ten,Kent,Eng.
Elizabeth Charles: Birth: ABT 1412 in of Kettlesbor,,Eng.
Thomas Charles: Birth: ABT 1382 in Kettleburgh,suf,Eng.
Anne Charlton: Birth: ABT 1482 in of Bell,Shrop,Eng.
Anne Charlton: Birth: ABT 1460 in Apley,Shrop,Eng.
Richard Charlton: Birth: ABT 1450 in Apley,Shrop,Eng. Death: 1522
Richard Charlton: Birth: ABT 1485 in Apley,Shrop,Eng.
Robert Charlton: Birth: ABT 1430 in Apley,Shrop,Eng. Death: 1471
Thomas Charlton: Birth: 30 MAR 1390 in Apley,Shrop,Eng. Death: 4 JAN 1460
William Charlton: Birth: ABT 1480 in Apley,Shrop,Eng.
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