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Marriage: Children:
  1. Minnie Elizabeth Swinhoe: Birth: 4 JUL 1859 in Amoy, China.

  2. Ethel Christabel Swinhoe: Birth: 27 MAY 1863 in 18 Royal Avenue, Chelsea, Greater London, England, United Kingdom.

  3. Robert Alfred Swinhoe: Birth: 2 OCT 1865 in Takow, Taiwan. Death: 1946 in Brighton, East Sussex, England, United Kingdom

  4. Florence May Swinhoe: Birth: JAN 1867 in Amoy, China.

  5. Constance Sarah Swinhoe: Birth: 1868 in Chelsea, London, Greater London, England.

  6. Percy Alexander Swinhoe: Birth: 8 APR 1871 in 33 Oakley Square, Chelsea, London, Greater London, England, United Kingdom. Death: 27 OCT 1873 in Shanghai, China

  7. George Herbert Swinhoe: Birth: 26 SEP 1872 in Ningpo, China.

1. Title:   Asiatic Journal
Page:   1837 March, Calcutta register, births

a. Note:   'At Calcutta, the lady Of Robert Swinhoe, esq, Of a son' Robert Swinhoe 13th December 1877 The will Of Robert Swinhoe late Of 33 Carlyle square Chelsea in the county Of Middlesex and Of Her Majesty's consular service who died at 33 Carlyle square was proved at the principal registry by Christina Lockie Swinhoe Of 33 Carlyle square widow the relict one Of the executors effects under 3000 pounds.
  'This is the last will and testament Of me Robert Swinhoe Of her Majesty's consular service / after payment Of all my just depts funeral and testamentary expenses / i give devise and bequeath unto my dear wife Christina lockie Swinhoe all my real and personal estate / and i hereby appoint my said wife Christina Lockie Swinhoe and Maurice Fitzgibbon Of Amoy merchant executor or this my will as witness my hand this the thirtieth day Of may 1860 - Robert Swinhoe - signed and acknowledged by the said Robert Swinhoe the testator as and for his last will and testament in the presence Of us being present at the same time who at his request in his presence and in the presence Of each other have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses - W. Raymond Gingell - Wm H. Lay - proved at London 13th December 1877 by the oath Of Christina Lockie Swinhoe the relict one Of the executors to whom admon was granted / Maurice Fitzgibbon the other executor having (renounced) the probate and execution Of the wil' Caroline Swinhoe's will. 1."I give and bequeath to my daughters to and for their sole and separate use, absolutely all my jewels which I may die possessed Of to be equally divided between them and subject as aforesaid as to and concerning all and singular my real estate and the rest residue and remainder Of my personal estate property goods chattels and effects whatsoever and where so ever situated and being Of either in possession reversion or expectancy which I have power to dispose Of"
  2."And upon this further trust that they the said trustees or other the trustee or trustee for the time being do and shall stand possessed Of or interested in the said trust moneys and premises and the stocks fund and securities wherein the same shall be then invested in trust Of all and every my child or children who shall be living at the time Of my death to be equally divided between and amongst then upon the youngest Of my said children attaining the age Of twenty one years. But I will and declare that the shares Of my said children Of and in the said trust moneys and premises shall be considered as vested interests in them respectively upon their respectively attaining the age Of twenty one years with the usual benefit Of account and survivorship between them provided always"
  3."And it is my further will that in the meantime and until the youngest Of said children who shall be living at the time Of my death shall attain the age Of twenty one years they my said trustees and the survivor Of them and the executors and administrators Of such survivor their and his assigns do and shall pay and apply the interests dividends and annual proceeds Of the said Of the said real estate in the mean time until the same shall be sold in or towards the maintenance and education Of my said children with full power to my said trustees to pay out Of the said principal trust funds and on account Of their respective shares to any Of my daughters wishing to come to India the sum Of pounds sterling two hundred for her passage and out fit and also to pay to each Of my sons when they get employment's either as cadets or in any other way require a small sum after their education is finished or nearly so to set them up in life not exceeding the sum Of two hundred pounds sterling or to pay fees any other business or possession which they may embark"
  4."And I further will and desire that after such payment as aforesaid the said trustees or trustee for the time being shall hold and stand possessed Of the rest and residue and remainder Of the said trust moneys and premises and pay and apply the interest dividends and annual produce thereof in or towards the maintenance and education Of my children who shall still be under education until my youngest child shall attain the said age Of twenty one years when the said trust funds and securities to be divided between all my children as above directed share and share alike only deducting the said pounds sterling two hundred which had previously been advanced out Of the share Of them to whom the advance had been made out Of the said trust moneys and premises provided always"
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