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Marriage: Children:
  1. James S. Edgar: Birth: 1790 in or 1791. Death: 1869

  2. Lillis Hester Edgar: Birth: 21 MAY 1798 in Newberry Co. SC. Death: 5 AUG 1873 in Woffard Cemetery, Dent Co. MO

  3. Elizabeth Edgar: Birth: 1802.

  4. Mary Edgar: Birth: 1805.

  5. George Washington Edgar: Birth: 1807.

  6. Female Edgar: Birth: ABT 1809.

  7. Female Edgar: Birth: ABT 1811.

  8. William Edgar: Birth: ABT 1814.

  9. Samuel H. EDGAR: Birth: ABT 1814 in or abt 1824 or abt 1820 TN. Death: 26 JUL 1876 in Edgar Cemetery, Dent Co. MO

  10. Female Edgar: Birth: ABT 1816.

  11. Margaret Ann Edgar: Birth: ABT 1819.

  12. Malinda Edgar: Birth: 1821.

  13. John Todd Edgar: Birth: ABT 1828.

1. Title: World Family Tree 16845 [email protected]
2. Title:   Marie (Edgar) Kohn 4-15-03
3. Title:   Will of John Edgar - Williamson Co. TN - Will Book 8 pg. 64 - June 1843
4. Title:   Estimated

a. Note:   The Historic Research Center Family Name History EDGAR The English family name Edgar is classified as being of personal name origin. According to the scholars the "oldest and most pervasive type of surname is that derived from the given name". Such family names may be derived from a parental first name or from the font name of the grandfather or indeed a more remote ancestor of the original bearer of the surname. In this instance, the surname Edgar can be traced to the Old English personal name Eadgar which is composed of the elements "ead" meaning "prosperity" and "gar" meaning "spear". Thus the surname signifies "the son of Edgar". There are numerous other variants of this surname including Edger, Eagar, Eager, Eagger, Egar, Adger, Agar, Ager and numerous others. One of the earliest written references to the surname Edgar includes Walter Eadgar who appears in the Feet of Fines for Suffolk in 1250 while Thomas Edgar is recorded in the Liber Feodorum for Surrey in the same year. Research is of course ongoing and the name may have been recorded much earlier than the date indicated above. Later records include William Edger, from Somerset who was recorded in Kirby's Quest in the first year of Edward III's reign. Notable bearers of the surname include John Ware Edgar, chief secretary to the Government of India who was created a distinguished member of the Knights Commander of the Indian Empire in May, 1889. Records relating to the arrival of bearers of the surname to the New World include Charles Edgar who settled in Virginia in 1642. The coat of arms described below is borne by the Edgar family from the Red House, near Ipswich in Suffolk.
  Brazon of Arms: Per chevron, or and azure in chief two fleur-de-lis of the second, in base five lozenges of the first, each charged with an escallop gules. Crest: An ostrich's head between two wings expanded or, each charged with as many bends azure, in the beak a horseshoe argent Origin: England Carrie Edgar - The Historical Research Center - November 22, 1994 is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.