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Marriage: Children:
  1. Cora Lou C. Reed: Birth: 8 JAN 1880 in Hardin, Tennessee, USA. Death: 1980 in Pottawatomie, Oklahoma, USA

  2. John "Johnnie" T. Reid: Birth: 18 DEC 1882 in Hardin, Tennessee, USA. Death: 23 FEB 1970 in Bend, Deschutes, OR

  3. Clarence Elbert Reid: Birth: 16 SEP 1886 in Hardin, Tennessee, USA. Death: JUN 1949 in Oakland CaliforniaTemple

  4. William Washington Reid: Birth: 1 NOV 1888 in Hardin, Tennessee, USA. Death: 14 OCT 1973 in Alameda Co., CA

  5. Monroe Robert Reid: Birth: 23 SEP 1890 in Hardin, Tennessee, USA. Death: 6 DEC 1968 in Christoval, Tom Green, TX

  6. Mattie Lee Reed: Birth: 2 MAY 1891 in TX. Death: 27 SEP 1917

  7. Alma B. Reed: Birth: MAY 1894 in TX. Death: BEF 1920

  8. Admiral Dewey Reed: Birth: MAY 1898 in Oakland CaliforniaTemple.

a. Note:   Letter dated 8/30/1994, Barbara June (Woodruff) Brown, Ok. City, OK. also Sept 1890 Hardin Co., TN. May 1892 Texas.May 1898 Oklahoma. 1900 Census Burnett Pottawatomie Oklahoma 18Jul1900 SD219ED154Sh23 Pg114A37 1910 Census William D. 51, William W. 21, Monroe R. 19, Mattie J. 18 and Alma B. 15. Tennessee Delayed Births for William Washington list his parents. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.