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Marriage: Children:
  1. Timothy Benedictsson [35] Stedham: Birth: ABT 1687. Death: 21 Jun 1763

  2. Sarah Benedictsdotter [36] Stedham: Birth: ABT 1689.

  3. Anna (Annika) Benedictsdotter [37] Stedham: Birth: ABT 1691 in ,New Castle Co.,Delaware. Death: Jan 1737

  4. Benedict Benedictsson "Benjamin" [38] Stedham: Birth: ABT 1693. Death: 1774 in ,,South Carolina

  5. Margaret Benedictsdotter [39] Stedham: Birth: ABT 1696. Death: AFT 1764

a. Note:   enjamin [6] Stedham, sought a division of Benedict [6] Stedham's property. The petition stated that Benjamin [6] Stedham died intestate, leaving five children: Timothy, Sarah, Anne, Benjamin and Margaret. (NC Orph. Ct., C:256). The husbands of the daughters Sarah and Anne were not identified. The son Benjamin [38], however, disappeared into New Jersey and may have been living on the Maurice River at the time of Kerstin's birth. He and his son Benjamin, born in New Jersey about 1722, moved south according to the Stidham genealogy.
  RES: Bochten (also known as Verdrietige Hook, now Edgemore, Delaware), Brandywine Hunded.
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