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Marriage: Children:
  1. son Morton: Birth: AFT 1686. Death: BEF 1731

  2. Erasmus Morton: Birth: BEF 1699 in ,Chester Co.,Pennsylvania. Death: ABT 1783 in ,Chester Co.,Pennsylvania

  3. Joseph Knutsson: Birth: ABT 1700.

  4. Timothy Morton: Birth: BEF 1710 in ,Chester Co.,Pennsylvania. Death: AFT 1732 in ,Chester Co.,Pennsylvania

  5. Sarah Knutsson: Birth: ABT 1700/1710.

  6. Mortenus (Mortimer) (Martin) Morton: Birth: BEF 1711 in ,Chester Co.,Pennsylvania. Death: AFT 1732 in ,Chester Co.,Pennsylvania

a. Note:   an, Ill.; "History of Chester Co., Pennsylvania,: and Margaret Ann Nesbitt of Phoenix, Ariz; Margaret Ann Reynolds Nesbitt of Mesa, AZ, Swedish Colonial Society Forefather Member Application, dated 19 Jan 1996.
  BIRTHDATE: Dr. Peter Stebbins Craig of Washington, DC, letter to Margaret Ann Nesbitt, 21 June 1992, re: Morton Descendants of Marten Knutsson [Canutsen] (Copy in the Margaret Nesbitt file)
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