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Marriage: Children:
  1. Maria (Mary) Tussey: Birth: ABT 1703. Death: Jul 1913

  2. William (Olle or Olaf) Tussey: Birth: ABT 1705. Death: 13 Nov 1771 in Brandywine 100, New Castle Co., Delaware

  3. Annika Tussey: Birth: ABT 1707.

  4. Sarah Tussey: Birth: ABT 1709.

  5. Ingeborg Tussey: Birth: 30 Sep 1711 in Wilmington,New Castle Co.,Delaware. Death: 8 Jun 1768 in ,New Castle Co.,Delaware

a. Note:   ts of Timon Stidham," August, 1999.
  GIVEN NAME: Historians have shown her surname as "Ann" based on the erroneous interpretation of the will of her husband, Matthias Tussey, in which it states "As I have but one son, Wholla by name..." Someone in the Delaware Historical Society misread the will, interpreting "by name" as "by Anne." There is no documentation of her given name. Dr. Peter Craig speculated it is "Sarah" based on the common practice among the early Swedes of naming their eldest children after their parents.
  SOURCE: email to Felicia Plerhoples Stidham from Dr. Peter Craig, dated 11 May 2001.
  DEATH: Koert D. Burnham of Keeseville, New York, letter to oejs dated 14 Sep 1988 with attached ahnentafel chart for Koert Burnham.
  In his will, he does not name his wife, but names his "loving Father in Law Lucas Stedham"
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