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Marriage: Children:
  1. Johannes John [85] Stedham: Birth: 14 Sep 1717 in ,New Castle Co.,Delaware.

  2. John [103] Stedham: Birth: Feb 1722 in Wilmington,New Castle Co.,Delaware. Death: 1765 in White Lick,Ninety-six Dist.,Newberry,South Carolina

Marriage: Children:
  1. Hendrick (Henry) [86] Stedham: Birth: 20 Jun 1721. Death: ABT 1787

  2. Margaretta Margaret [87] Stedham: Birth: 29 Jul 1722 in ,New Castle Co.,Delaware.

  3. Maria Mary [88] Stedham: Birth: 21 Jan 1724.

  4. Elizabeth [89] Stedham: Birth: 6 Sep 1725. Death: 1754

  5. Catharina [90] Stedham: Birth: 5 Feb 1727.

  6. Cornelius [91] Stedham: Birth: 31 May 1728.

  7. Adam [92] Stedham: Birth: 23 Apr 1730.

  8. Judith [93] Stedham: Birth: 4 Nov 1731.

  9. Abraham [94] Stedham: Birth: 25 Sep 1733.

  10. Jacob [95] Stedham: Birth: 17 Mar 1735 in ,New Castle Co.,Delaware. Death: Jan 1800 in Wilmington,New Castle Co.,Delaware

Marriage: Children:
  1. Sarah [99] Stedham: Birth: 27 Dec 1738.

  2. Adam [97] Stedham: Birth: 10 Aug 1740. Death: BEF 1790

  3. Annika Anna [98] Stedham: Birth: 23 Nov 1742.

  4. Susannah [96] Stedham: Birth: ABT 1745.

  5. Maria [100] Stedham: Birth: ABT 1747 in Wilmington, New Castle Co., Delaware. Death: AFT 8 Oct 1824 in Wilmington, New Castle Co., Delaware

a. Note:   Ancestors of Amanda Ann Cowan, Mandy Roberts Home Page ( SOURCE: Frances O. Allmand of Wilmington, Del., family charts submitted with application for Timen Stiddem Society, dated 10/26/98.
  RES: Brandywine Hundred
  His step-father and mother, Peter Petersson Smith and Catherine, sold Henry [32] Stedham 103 acres of their land on Skilpot Creek in 1725:
  New Castle County Delaware Land Records 1715-1728 by Carol Bryant; pp.98-99 Deed. On 15 Feb 1725 Peter Peterson Smith Sr of Brandywine Hundred, yeoman, & Catherine his wife to Peter Peterson Smith Jr of Brandywine Hundred, yeoman, son of Peter Peterson Smith Sr.Whereas Hans Peterson, late of Philpots Creek in the Hundred aforesaid, yeoman, dec'd in about the year 1703 by virtue of a patent was seized in a tract of land called New Land, bounded by the Creek, land late of Cornelius Empson & land late of Paul Peterson containing 210 acres, did by deed of gift granted the 210 acres unto his son the Peter Peterson Sr.Whereas Peter Peterson Sr did by mortgage dated 01 Feb 1723, granted the land to John Richardson, John French & Joseph England as trustees for the General Loan Office.Whereas Peter Peterson Smith Sr & Catherine his wife confirmed unto Henry Stedham of the Hundred, yeoman, 2 pieces of the land lying together containing 103 acres & 104 perches.Now Peter Peterson Smith Sr & Catherine his wife for 40 pounds granted to Peter Peterson Smith Jr all the remainder of the said land being 106 acres. Signed: Peter Peterson Smith & Catherine Peterson Smith. Delivered in the presence of: Sam Kirk, Alice Kirk & William Trehearne. (G1:568) pp.121-122 Deed. On 14 Feb 1725 Peter Peterson Smith of Brandywine Hundred, yeoman, & Katherine his wife; Peter Peterson Smith Jr of Brandywine Hundred, yeoman, the son of the 1st mentioned Peter to Henry Stedham of the Hundred, yeoman.Whereas Hance Peterson, late of Shilpot Creek in the said Hundred, yeoman, dec'd in about the 1703 did by virtue of a patent become seized in a tract of land called New Land on the west side of Shilpot Creek containing 210 acres. Hance did by deed gift dated 10 Feb 1703 granted to his son Peter Sr all the 210 acres.Whereas Peter Peterson did by mortgage dated 01 Feb 1723 granted to the Trustees of the General Loan office the 210 acres.Now Peter Peterson Smith, the father, & Katherine his wife & Peter Peterson Smith Jr for 6.16 pounds grnted to Henry Stedham a piece of land being part of the afore mentioned tract bounded by land late of Francis Knowls & land late of Isreal Peterson containing 13 + (should this be 103?) acres.Peter Peterson Smith Sr & Katherine his wife to pay mortgage.Signed: Peter Peterson Smith, Katherine Peterson Smith & Peter Peterson Smith Jr.Delivered in the presence of Alice Kirk, William Trehearne & Samuel Kirk Recorded: 28 Mar 1727. (H1:91] is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.