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Individual Page

Marriage: Children:
  1. Adam Vandever: Birth: BEF 1713. Death: 1737

  2. John Vandever: Birth: ABT 1713. Death: BEF 1764

  3. Jacob Vandever: Birth: 30 Nov 1715. Death: 1737

  4. Cornelius Vandever: Birth: 1716. Death: AFT 1764

  5. Magdalena Vandever: Birth: 5 Nov 1718 in ,New Castle Co.,Delaware. Death: 21 Apr 1765 in ,New Castle Co.,Delaware

  6. Catharina (Catherine) Vandever: Birth: 20 Aug 1721 in Wilmington,Delaware,USA.

  7. Elizabeth Vandever: Birth: 10 Sep 1724 in ,New Castle Co.,Delaware. Death: AFT 1732

  8. Tobias Vandever: Birth: 20 Feb 1728 in ,New Castle Co.,Delaware. Death: 14 Feb 1775

  9. Susanna Vandever: Birth: 20 Mar 1730 in ,New Castle Co.,Delaware. Death: BEF 1739

  10. Peter Petrus Vandever: Birth: 11 May 1732 in ,New Castle Co.,Delaware.

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