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  1. Hugh Harpur: Birth: 1788 in Castlederg, County Tyrone, Ireland. Death: 1872 in Castlederg, Urney, Tyrone, Ireland

  2. Elliott Harpur: Birth: 1790 in Castlederg, County Tyrone, Ireland. Death: 1875 in Castlederg, Urney, Tyrone, Ireland

a. Note:   NI1546
Note:   <u><b><i>What is this?
</u>This is a branch of the Harpur/Harper family who settled in County Tyrone near the town oof Castlederg, Tyrone, in the province of Ulster (one of the foour privinces). From information here nd from DNA evidence they were possibly from County Wexford t the south of Dublin on the east coast of Ireland in the area that historically included the activity of the early clans of Irelnd.<u>
Notes on Recent Findings and Where we go from here</u></b>:
From the birth dates from the death records of <b>Hugh and Elliott Harpur</b>, and their <b>location in Pullyernam</b> during the 1860 valuation, it is assumed that they were probably children of an unknown person with the Harpur surname i.e. siblings. They both occupied the prime locations on the area known as the "Mountain" and "Pullyernan Hill". A map of this area is available if family is interested.
A discovery: <b>Robert Harpur </b>in the<b> Aghnahoo </b>townland<b> </b>in<b> Termonamongan Parish </b>of<b> County Tyrone</b>. His marriage record states that he is the son of <b>Elliott Harpur. </b>The birth and death records <b>of Hugh and Elliott </b>increase our confidence that this <b>Elliott Harpur </b>is the brother of <b>Hugh Harpur</b> of Pullyernan Townland of Urney Parish in County Tyrone, rather than son as was assumed up to now without any birth and death information. <i>Also Termonamongan Parish is listed as the birth place of Andrew Harper, 7th child of John and Jane</i>.
<u><b>DNA Testing</u></b>: <b>Elliott Harper</b>, great grandson of <b>Robert Elliott Harper</b>, and <b>Robert Harper</b>, great grandson of <b>Augustus Orr Harper</b>, two of the children of <b>John Harpur and Jane Orr</b> of County Tyrone, have been tested (Y DNA) by <b>Family Tree DNA</b>. <i>Our kit numbers are 172346 and 94801 respectively</i>. By this as well as our paper trail, Robert and Elliott are third cousins.
Recently, the <b><i>Clan Colla group</b></i> at <b>Family Tree DNA </b>informed Robert and Elliott that our <b>STR DYS425</b> marker is <b>a null, i.e. 0</b>. According to that result they believe that our Harpur line, along with other lines that have the same marker probably date back to about AD 700 in Ireland, during the time of the ancient clans of Ireland. Our Harpur/Harper heritage is, apparently, NOT as a result of the British Plantation effort as assumed. <i>This writer confesses to not understanding the information received about DNA, However it is interesting from the aspect of finding out our possible origins</i>.
The name (spelling) <b>Harpur</b> is very common in <b>County Wexford</b> in Southeast Ireland.
It is the location of some of the ancient warlord stories from history.
<u><b>The links below</u></b>:
<u><b>Elliott Harpur</u></b>. The ancestor of <b>Sarah Harpur</b> and her siblings still residing in the Castlederg area. Also from the posting, of the <b>Clark</b> family history, on ancestry, the father of other children who moved to England.
<u><b>Hugh Harpur</u>. </b>The ancestor of the rest of us by those of his children who immigrated to the new world, between 1862 and 1868, and settled in Philadelphia, PA, Detroit, MI and Syracuse, NY. As well as Charles who remained in Tyrone.
b. Note:   HI1546
Note:   (Research):<b>Other Research:</b><i>
An additional find of unknown value: Griffiths Valuation, 1847-1864 about <b>Alexander Harpur</b>: Occupier: <b>Alexander Harpur</b>; Lessor: Presbyterian Congregation; County: Tyrone; Barony: Omagh, West; parish: Urney; townland<b>: Bridgetown</b>; OS Page Numbers: 16 and 24. The townland is just to the south of Castlederg, south of the River Derg</i>.
<b>Information found that may have some bearing on the history of the Hugh Harpur families: Ireland, Tithe Applotment Books, 1823-1837 about Hugh Harper</b>: Name: Hugh Harper; County: Donegal; Parish: Urney; Townland: Pullyarnon; Year: 1825.
<u><b>About the previous noting of Mary B. Harper:</u></b>
A Mary Harper of Pittsburgh was previously investigated as a candidate to be John Harpur's sibling was found in Allegheny, City PA. She is the daughter of another <b>Hugh Harper</b> (an earlier immigrant). She and her spouse, <b>Benjamin Hammond</b>, are memorialized in <b>Union Dale Cemetery, Pittsburgh, PA,</b> near by to the site are a <b>Hugh</b>, <b>James</b> and <b><i>John Harper</b></i> also memorialized.
<u><b>Further research</u></b> shows that the first of many Harpers immigrated in the late 17th or early 18th century with a <b>Joseph Harper of Oxfordshire, England</b>, who also settled in the <b>Oxfordshire township of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. </b>He was the father of a <b>Robert Harper</b> who established a river crossing at the junction of the <b>Shenandoah and Potomac Rivers,</b> between Maryland and Virginia, which bears the family name. Several records of this family can be found in Roots Web World Connect. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.