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Marriage: Children:
  1. Christopher Fordham: Birth: 1540 in Kelshall, Hertford, England.

a. Note:   e ever found between the Robert Fordham(Rev.Rob) who is the progenitor of the Fordhams of Massachusetts andNew York. John Fordham's wife is listed as Agnes Fordham. John'sbirth date is listed as the same as his marriage date (1539)
Obviously, that is incorrect. Assuming 20 years of age at marriage,John would have been born in 1519/20 Agnes Fordham is a child ofJohn Fordham and Agnes Stoughton. The dates make it possible thatJohn Fordham's wife is that child. If so this is the link between thetwo families. Given the fact that Kelshall and Barkway in the UK areside by side and that the Fordham name was so common in the area, itis likely that they are the same family, were distantly related, andcertainly knew each other. A search in Google Earth shows theexciting possibility because they lived next to each other separatedby only a few miles.
Particular genealogists may say, and be correct, that the records donot support a definite link, but this is close enough for me.
The King of England at this time was Henry VIII. Most know hisimportance and his appetite for new wives. Henry wanted--needed--amale heir. It seems none of the ladies he wed, killed, or divorcedcould do that for him. He wed Catherine of Aragon and stayed marriedto her for 20 years and seemed happy. Unhappily, she could not bearhim a surviving son, but did give him a surviving daughter in 1516.This child was Mary. Despite the years and the child Henry forced thechurch and his child to accept that the marriage was "invalid" andthat he was free to marry again. Mary, badly treated for a longchildhood, had been forced to declare herself a bastard. She didbecome queen, however, and as a devout roman catholic, she intended toturn England back to the true faith. That horrible bloodlettingattempt earned her the name "bloody Mary". It was a title greatlydeserved.
John Fordham was born when Mary was only 3 years old.
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