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1. Text:   “In Memory of Francis Cotterell Hodgson” Address by Mr J R Mozley.
 J R Leeson. 1921.

a. Note:   N9203 Francis Cotterell Hodgson was born at Lambeth, the third son [in fact the 4th] of John Hodgson, QC, a Bencher of Lincoln's Inn. John was the first cousin of the Reverend Francis Hodgson, friend of Byron, later Provost of Eton and perpetual curate of Edensor in Derbyshire to which living he was appointed by Queen Victoria.
 F C Hodgson went to Eton as a King's Scholar from 1851-56. There he won the Newcastle Medal (and was] as runner up in 1855) and was Newcastle Scholar in 1856. In both those years he was also the Tomline Mathematical prize winner.
 Going up to King's College, Cambridge he became Pitt scholar in 1858, was equal as Chancellor's medallist in 1860 and won the le Bas prize in 1862.
 He became a Senior Fellow of Kings. He took a post in the Education Office in Whitehall in 1863 until 1997, becoming Assistant Secretary, which post he held after retirement. He came to Twickenham in 1862, in the company of his mother and three sisters and in about 1869 moved to live at Abbotsford Villa in Pope's Avenue where he remained for the rest of his life.
 In Twickenham, Hodgson joined the now defunct Literary and Scientific Society, reading papers to its members. Some of these papers were published in contemporary journals and the collection was published in 1913 under the title Thames side in the Past.
 Hodgson wrote at length about Alexander Pope, noting in his preface that Twickenham was: "…the place where a very powerful and formidable literary despot held his court in the eighteenth century." He also wrote a two volume history of Venice.
 Hodgson died on 23 September 1919 and there is a memorial to him in Holy Trinity Church on Twickenham Green, where he had been both a churchwarden and a governor of Archdeacon Cambridge's School next door. His funeral took place in this church and there is a copy of the tribute to his life in the Local Studies Library of the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames. In the church the choir stalls are dedicated to his sister Frances Elizabeth who had lived with him until she died in 1891.
 Author of:
 Venice in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries: A sketch of Venetian history from the conquest of Constantinople to the accession of Michele Steno A.D. 1204-1400. London, 1910.
 Mythology For Versification: Or, A Brief Sketch Of The Fables ...
 British influence in India, An Essay. Macmillan. 1863.
 “This is the essay which gained the Le Bas prize at Cambridge in the year 1862. Mr. Hodgson appears to be of opinion that the British Government of India has exercised an uniformly favourable influence on the material development of that country. His essay, which is by no means so well written as might have been expected, affords ample proof that he has taken considerable pains to make himself acquainted with his subject.” (Full text of review in The Spectator.)
 Thames-side in the past; sketches of its literature & society. 1913.
 Photograph of Francis Cotterell Hodgson, King's College, aged about 60. Creator: Maull and Fox, 187A Piccadilly, London. 1 item; photograph. 1898. Ref H71.
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