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Marriage: Children:
  1. George Wingfield-Digby: Birth: 1 JUN 1797. Death: 7 MAY 1883

  2. John Digby Wingfield Digby: Birth: 11 MAR 1799. Death: 24 JAN 1877

  3. Richard Baker Wingfield-Baker: Birth: 1801. Death: 25 APR 1880

  4. Frances Eliza Wingfield: Death: 13 SEP 1835

Marriage: Children:
  1. William Wriothesley Wingfield: Birth: 1814 in Montague St, London. Death: 1912

  2. Henry Mills Wingfield: Birth: 1823.

  3. Charles Wingfield: Birth: ABT 1823.

  4. Frederick Bassett Wingfield: Birth: 1824.

  5. Julia Selena Wingfield: Birth: 1826.

  6. Kenelm Digby Wingfield: Birth: 1829.

  7. Lucy Emily Wingfield: Birth: ABT 1833 in Orsett, Essex. Death: NOV 1922

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a. Note:   N1821 2nd son.
 OR Eldest son.
 Changed his name to Wingfield-Baker.
 When Richard Baker of Orsett Hall died in 1827 his title passed to William Wingfield, whose aunt Elizabeth Wingfield (d 28 Ju1y 1796) had in 1782 married John Baker (d 1 May 1801), as her 2nd husband.
 Following the death in 1849, of Jane Baker, Richard’s widow, the remainder of the estate also passed to William WIngfield. When Wingfield died the estate was inherited by his son Richard Baker Wingfield, and as a tribute to the family, he incorporated ‘Baker’ into his name, thus becoming Richard Baker Wingfield Baker. When he died in 1880 he was succeeded by his only son, Captain Digby Hanmer Wingfield, who only survived his father by four years, dying in 1884.
 Barrister Lincoln’s Inn 1797.
 King’s Counsel, Welsh Judge 1819. MP for Bodmin, Cornwall, 1825.
 Master in Chancery 1849.
 Became close friend of Edward Digby at Christ Church, Oxford, and thereby met his future wife, Edward’s sister Charlotte.
 Of Orsett Hall, Essex.
 In Gulval church there is:
 A single light south window, representing the Flight into Egypt, inscribed “To the glory of God, and in affectionate memory of William Wingfield Baker, Esq. re, Q.C. This window is erected by his widow.”
 A south window representing the Flight into Eqypt, inscribed: “To the glory of God, and in affectionate memory of William Wingfield Baker, of Orsett Hall in the county of Essex, Esq. re, Q.C. This window is erected by his children. He died at Sherborne Castle on the 21 March, 1858, in the 86th year of his age, and was buried at Orsett.”
 Of Bloomsbury Square, London.
 Obituary in:
 Illustrated London News DAY: 1 MONTH: May YEAR: 1858 VOLUME: XXXI EDITION: 915
 The personalty of the Duchess of Norfolk was inherited by Lord Digby and other members of the Digby family.
 Mr. Wingfield a Master in Chancery had been appointed receiver of the rents during the period that elapsed between the death of the Duke and Duchess [of Norfolk] she being declared a lunatic by the Court. Mr. Wingfield’s first wife was sister of Earl Digby but he [Wingfield] had remarried prior to coming to Home Lacy.
 “A large part of the personalty however passed into his possession, notably the pictures. Earl Digby took to Sherborne Castle the 2 full-lengths of Louis 13 & his queen, presents from Louis to Viscount Scudamore when he was Ambassador. Digby also took a fine portrait of the last Lady Scudamore who was the daughter of Simon, Lord Digby, and a portrait of the last Viscount Scudamore.
 The remaining pictures, the library, & furniture were offered at a Valuation to my father who unfortunately refused to take them. A sale therefore took place....
 Mr. Wingfield finding great difficulty in removing the large pictures which moreover were nearly all the family portraits, offered them again to my father who then gave him £100 for about 40 pictures!
 The remainder together with miniature drawings & other interesting works of art Mr. Wingfield removed to London. He parted with those in his lifetime to Ralph Beruat but on his death (1858) his sons offered 9 of the old Holme Lacy pictures to my father for £190, who unfortunately refused them and they were sold at Christie and Manson’s sales. Some were bought by the trustees of the National Portrait Gallery.
 (Large Manuscript Book at Kentchurch Court written in 1884 by the ninth Earl of Chesterfield*) (1821-1887).)
 *Henry Edwyn Chandos Scudamore-Stanhope, 9th Earl of Chesterfield, DL, JP, (1821–1887)
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