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a. Note:   N31336 “Geoffrey was serving with Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry.
 I have a resume of Edith Hodgson [neé Fison]'s diaries, which mention many Hodgsons, including the departure of Geoffrey in Oct. 1910 to Canada and his death in 1915 (from the exploding of a shell in his trench near Frise.) There's also plenty about Ruth and, I think, her elder sister Frieda, who is presumably Winifred Mary, born 1888. Ruth married again in 1932.”
 (Charlie Fison <[email protected]>)
 Thu, Oct 14, 1915 FRISE, FRANCE
 14.10.15 Today was featureless on the left. On the hill we were a good deal troubled by whizz bangs [inserted: and trench mortars] Casualties 1 killed (no A10993 [Pte Hodgson G.M. 410993] ) and 1 wounded (no 825 [Pte Brown G.H.] ) weather warm & bright.
 “click on English (or French), then military, - WW1 - soldiers of WW1 - search - Geoff. Hodg - click on name. It gives his attestation paper, both sides.”
 Hodgson, Geoffrey Mitchel, Canadian E.F., Rev. John Henry Hodgson, of Swanmore, Frise, Oct. 14-15.
 (Roll of the sons and daughters of the Anglican Church clergy throughout the world and of the naval and military chaplains of the same who gave their lives in the Great War, 1914-1918.)
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