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  1. Jill Cameron: Birth: 20 MAY 1926. Death: 18 OCT 2012 in Poole, Dorset: Albury Care Home

1. Title:   Birth certificate
2. Title:   Death certificate

a. Note:   N9962 Worked for 3 [or 5?] years at Steamhip and Steam Coating Company, Portland, Dorset.
 Went to Selwyn College, Cambridge in 1906 (so rather late, when age 24)
 Was a schoolmaster before joining the church.
 Senior Chaplain, Royal Garrison Church, Portsmouth, 1923 (for a short time that year, it seems).
 Vicar of Elvedon, Norfolk (seat of the Earl of Iveagh.) 1947
 Lived Belfast when his daughter was young.
 Lived Bexhill, Sussex in retirement.
 1911 Asst. stipendiary curate, Broadwindsor, Dorset
 1912 Asst. stipendiary curate, Bridport, Dorset
 In 1901 was age 18 living as a boarder with the family of Samuel Love at Castletown, Portland, Dorset. He was a Clerk, Coating Comp (?????? difficult to read), which Samuel Love was an accountant with “Steamship and Steam Coating”
 The First Earl of Iveagh, Edward Cecil Guinness, purchased the Elveden Estate from the Executors of Maharajah Duleep Singh in 1894. Lord Iveagh's main interest was in the shooting and Elveden was reputed to be one of the best Sporting Estates in the country. Throughout the Edwardian period the fame of the Elveden Shoot became widespread. Many notable people came to Elveden to enjoy the shooting and the Earl's hospitality, among them Edward, Prince of Wales, later to become King Edward V11, and his illustrious friends, all conveyed by carriages and later cars, from Thetford Station, together with their personal servants, and a huge quantity of trunks and boxes.
 Wonder if he ever met any of his grandparents? His maternal ones moved to the USA before his birth, and his paternal grandfather died in an accident 32 years before he was born. Not sure when his paternal grandmother died.
 “Bedford Modern School provided education not only for the locality but also for colonial and military personnel seeking good education for their young families.”
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