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  1. John Carew: Birth: ABT 1501. Death: 31 MAY 1529 in Pavia, Italy?

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1. Title:   Stirnet Genealogy
Page:   Elizabeth
Author:   Patrick Barns-Graham

a. Note:   N36841 c. 1498 John Carew took as second wife Katherine (born c. 1482), daughter of John, Lord Zouch (born 1460), of "Haringworth and Totenays," by whom he had a son and heir John (born c. 1501), another son Thomas, and two daughters, Elizabeth and Joan. This marriage had not taken place on Jan. 26, 1497, for in her Will of that date, Lord Dynham's mother says : " I bequeath to my (grand) doughter Katerine Zouch to hir mariage a C marc." (See Haccombe, Part VII).
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