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a. Note:   N24663 Married Mary Kathleen BERNARD on 30 Aug 1870 in Kingston, Ontario.
 They had the following children:
 M i Aston Edward MCMURDO Born 15 Jun 1873.
 M ii Alured Keith MCMURDO (Born 17 Feb 1878. Married Sarah Gilmer MAGRUDER on 25 Nov 1905.)
 M iii Percy FitzGerald MCMURDO Born 06 Feb 1880. Marrie Genevieve ___. Died Nov. 23, 1968
 San Francisco County, California, USA. Lieut. U.S.Navy.
 M iv Archibald Douglas MCMURDO Born 26 Feb 1882.
 M v Hew Bernard MCMURDO Born 17 Feb 1885. Died Mar 1979 in Kailua, Honolulu.
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