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  1. Elizabeth Vaughan: Birth: 1717. Death: 2 SEP 1774

1. Text:   Michael J Hodgson family tree. Researched by John Dryden Hodgson in 1882, and Francis Cotterell Hodgson in 1884, from Hawkshead registers, and by Henry John Hodgson from MS books of John Hodgson (1751-1837) and James Hodgson (1711-27).
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Author:   William Munk
3. Author:   Rev James T Hodgson
Publication:   Macmillan

a. Note:   N434 “From an ancient and respectable Herefordshire family.”Which does not tally with the ancestry given here.
 IGI has christening of a Henry Vaughan on 21 Jul 1687 Saint Mary The Virgin (at The Walls), Colchester, Essex. Father William, mother Ann -.
 Mr Vaughan was Chaplain of the Aske Hospital, Hoxton, London, N1 from early 1712/13. (He was appointed from a field of ten. A statute required him to be unmarried) As Chaplain he had the spiritual care of the 20 almsmen who were housed there and 20 boys who were educated there, but during his chaplaincy there were no boys due to lack of funds. He was asked to resign in March 1723/24 because he accepted a living in the country. (The minute does not say where).
 Aske's Hospital was built in the 1690's as a result of a bequest in the will of Robert Aske, a wealthy member of the Company. The original building was vast and was replaced by something smaller in 1825.
 After holding the chaplaincy of Aske's Hospital and of the Haberdashers' Almshouses, both of them in London, was made by his kinsman, Sir Henry Newton the master, Chaplain to St. Katherine's Hospital by the Tower. He officiated there for several years, until presented by Lord Chancellor Parker to two livings in Herefordshire, those of Leominster and of Aymestry near it.
 ((The Life of Sir Henry Halford, Bart., G.C.H., M.D., F.R.S., President of the ... by William Munk. 1895. Page 2.))
 Vicar of Leominster.
 Henry Vaughan, vicar of Leominster and master of the Leominster grammar school.
 Wrote a History of Leominster.
 (Brian Lancaster)
 Adm. sizar at Queen’s, Cambridge, 27 Jun., 1706.
 Of Essex.
 Probably s. of William (1674).
 Matric. 1706 ;
 B.A. 1709/10 ;
 M.A. 1713 .
 Ord. deacon (London) 23 Sep., 1711; priest (Winchester) 30 Dec., 1711.
 V. of Leominster, Herefordshire, c 1711 .
 V. of Aymestrey [ Herefordshire], 1724 .
 (Venn, Alumni Cantabrigienses.)
 The last funeral certificate at Leominster:
 “Borough of Leominster. — I, Elizabeth Hare of the sd Borough, Wido, do make oath that the Rev. Henry Vaughan, lately deceased, was not wrapt, wound up, or buried in Linnen, but only in Woollen, pursuant to the statute in that case made and provided. Dated April 2nd 1762. Eliza Hare.
 I do hereby certify that the person above-named did make afidavit before me, James Hodgson, Rector of Humber.
 (The town and borough of Leominster: with illustrations of its ... George Fyler Townesend, Edward Augustus Freeman.1863.)
 During 1666 - 1680, the Burial in Woollen Acts required that the dead should be buried in shrouds. An affidavit had to sworn in front of a Justice of the Peace confirming that the body had been buried in wool. There was a penalty of £5 if any other material was used.
 His son Henry Vaughan, surgeon, of Leominster (b 19.01.1714, d 23.01.1779 was ancestor of the eminent family of medics of Leicester. See BLG1952 (Vaughan formerly of Leicester (formerly Halford, Bt. of Wistow Hall).
 His great grandson Sir Henry Halford*, Physician to the Royal Family was a bit eccentric and following the Exhumation of Charles I, 'stole' the last vertebrae and used it as a salt holder until ordered to give it back!
 Kirsty Lowe <[email protected]>
 * Henry Vaughan, later Sir Henry Halford, 1st Bart of Wistow.
 He married Daniel Defoe’s eldest son Daniel to his 2nd wife Mary Webb, in Aske's Chapel, in 1720.
 “The Life of Daniel Defoe. Page 252, by Thomas Wright. 1894.”
 Henry Vaughan, 1724. He was Vicar nearly forty years. During his Incumbency many important improvements were made in the Parish Church.
 (The Town and Borough of Leominster: With Illustrations of Its Ancient and ... Page 259. George Fyler Townesend, Edward Augustus Freeman. 1863.)
 He was succeeded as Vicar of Leominster by Richard Vaughan, MA (appointed Oct 23 1762 )
 Henry Vaughan (1687 c.-1762). Educated at Queen's College, Cambridge; he was master of the grammar school at Leominster and a friend of Jonathan Swift.
 (notes to Memoir of Francis Hodgson, on
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