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Marriage: Children:
  1. Harford Jones Brydges: Birth: 12 JAN 1764 in Harford House, Presteigne, Herefordshire. Death: 17 JAN 1847 in Boultibrooke, Presteigne, Radnorshire

1. Title:   IGI (Aft Oct 2002)
Author:   LDS
2. Text:   Account of Births of the Kinnersley Hooper and Whitcombe family. Drawn up 1764 by Winifred Hooper nee Kinnersley.

a. Note:   N37243 19th July 1760
 1. Elizabeth Jones of City of Hereford, widow of Harford Jones of Whitterne (The Whittern), p. Lyonshall, co. Hereford, esq.; Harford Jones of town of Ledbury, gent. (only son and heir of Harford Jones)
 2. Richard Hooper of town of Kington, gent. Winifrid Hooper, spinster (a dter. of Richard Hooper)
 3. Thomas Brydges of Old Colwall,, p. Colwall, co. Hereford, esq.; William Bennett of town of Shrewsbury, co. Hereford; Robert Whitcombe of Ledbury, gent.
 4. Revd. John Brydges of Much Cowarne, co. Hereford; Robert Whitcombe of Ledbury, gent.
 Marriage Settlement before marriage agreed between Harford Jones and Winifrid Hooper and £400 portion paid by Richard Hooper Release by Richard Hooper of m. or dwhouse. with garden and lands in town and p. Presteign, co. Radnor Release by 1. to 3. of manor or reputed manor of Bilmore otherwise Stanner and all courts, heriots etc., and m. or tmt. called Bilmore Farm (late of Phillip Thomas, now John Turner); cap. m. or tmt. in t. Walton, p. Old Radnor, called Walton farm (John Griffiths) with demesne etc.; m. or tmt. Burwarr otherwise Burvarr (Burfa) Farm (Thomas Dale) - all in ps. Old Radnor and New Radnor; pieces called the Navage (60a.) (John Griffiths), t. Herton (Lower Harpton), p. Old Radnor, co. Hereford Declaration of uses and trusts. Annuity of £50 yearly for Elizabeth Jones, £100 for Winifrid Hooper Conveyance by Richard Hooper to 3. Of m. or dw. house etc. in Hereford Street, Presteign (Richard Hooper); parcel called the 19th July 1760 Crooked Meadow (3a.) (James Bowen); toft or decayed tmt. with the barn, fold, orchard and 3 parcels (15a.) called the Slough Farm (Richard Hooper and John Sampson) - all in p. Presteign, co. Radnor, purchased by Richard Hooper of John Makepeace, gent., and Hugh Knoke. Declaration of uses
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