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  1. James Lloyd Harris: Birth: 17 JUL 1724 in Saint Paul’s Parish, Baltimore, MD, America. Death: BEF 1815 in England (presumably)

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a. Note:   N14745 IGI (extract) has a Lloyd Harris bapt 23 Jan 1686 Kington, Herefordshire, son of Thomas Harris and Marabel (sic).
 The administration bond for his estate was posted 28 June 1743 by George Buchanan.
 IGI has death of Lloyd Harris 23 Aug 1742 Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland spouse Eleanor,
 Also has Marriage: Lloyd HARRIS Spouse: Eleaner ROGERS 4 Jul 1721 Saint Paul's Parish, Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland.
 I have data on the Rogers family where it is noted that Eleanor was the step-daughter of Jabez Peirpont., her mother was also named Eleanor, surname not known. Jabez Peirpont who died 1721 bequeathed "Millhaven" on the Patapsco to his widow for life and it was to pass at her death to his stepdaughter Eleanor Rogers or Eleanor Rogers' children.
 Eleanor on 18 May 1721 devised certain items to her children and children to come. She then married 4 July 1721 Lloyd Harris and had one son.
 Off hand I do not see any Lloyd Harris in some of my early record extracts.
 There were of course several Harris in early Baltimore and Anne Arundel Co records.
 William Harris had 600 acres surveyed in 1684 on west side of Susquehana River
 References to Lloyd Harris seems to start in the 1720s in the Baltimore Co., Land Records:
 4 Jan 1719 Henry Darnell of Prince Georges Co grants power of attorney to Lloyd Harris [he would be 33 yrs old.)
 5 June 1723 Lloyd Harris records branding mark.
 2 Nov 1723 - assignment of an indentured servant John Weasly assigned woman servant named Francis Allen for 7 yrs transported on ship Alexander by John Moale, commander, John Weasly assigned her to Lloyd Harris and Lloyd Harris assigned her to Alexander Parish.
 16 Jul 1724 witness deed of Richard & Sarah Gott [interesting?] to Jacob Holland
 On 17 July 1724 Mary Ann Harris was at the house of Lloyd Harris and was mid-wife to Elinor Harris when she gave birth to James Lloyd Harris (Depostion 22 Mar 1731 aby Mary Ann Harris age about 50 yrs.)
 [Why did there have to be depositions in 1731 about James’s birth?]
 27 May 1727 Thomas Colman merchant late of London now of Maryland assigns power of attorney to Lloyd Harris.
 8 Jun 1727 witness to a deed
 7 Jun 1727 & 8 Nov 1727 signed as justices of Baltimore Co court includes Lloyd Harris
 3 Aug 1726 witness to deed
 8 Sept 1726 witness to a deed
 10 June 1728 Richard and Mary King deed 100 acres to Hyde Haxton and Lloyd Harris, Gentlemen of Balto Co.
 1728 witness to a deed of WIlliam Wheeler
 16 Aug 1729 witness to a deed of Stephen and Elizabeth Gill
 1729-1731 Lloyd Harris listed as Vestryman, St Paul's Church, Baltimore
 2 June 1730 witness to deed of Nathaniel and Mary Peckett
 4 Nov 1730 witness deed Josiah and Hannah Herndon.
 7 Nov 1730 bill of sale from Lloyd Harris to William Rogers - plantation, negro man Henry, negro boy Jack, Mallutto girl Ann, pay bond due William Hamilton, bond due Michael Macnemara.
 8 Nov 1730 Lloyd and Elinor Harris of Baltimore Co convey to William Fell for L20, 100 acres
 1731 listed among the subscribers to build a new church.
 22 March 1731 Rachel Wilmont age about 47 years and Elizabeth Carter age about 40 years give deposition: 17 July 1724 they were at the house of Lloyd Harris and saw his wife Elinor Harris give birth to a male child by the mid-wife Mary Ann Harris and child was baptized James Lloyd Harris and on the 4 July 1721 they saw Lloyd Harris marry Elinor by the Rev. William TIbbs of St Paules Parish, Baltimore Co., MD /s/ RIchard Gist and Thomas Sheredine.
 [So who is Mary Ann Harris - a sister?]
 26 Apr 1831 [1731?] John Gorsuch conveyed to L2 a lot in Baltimore Town to Lloyd Harris.
 25 Jul 1732 George and Elinor Buchanan surgeon of Balto Co convey to Lloyd Harris Gentleman of same for #10,000 tobacco 200 acres on north side Patapsco River. (Note Elinor Buchanan is the daughter of Nicholas Rogers and Elinor).
 22 May 1734 Lloyd Harris, Gentleman of Balto CO to Dr George Buchanan land on north side Patapsco River
 8 July 1736 Lloyd Harris, Gentleman of Balto Co to William Rogers, Innholder of same for L15.6 negro boy called Jack and crops.
 Witness to a deed from 1 Apr 1737 of John Hatherly to Samuel Shipley Lloyd Harris of Baltimore Co 4 May 1737 signs a mortgage to Richard Bennett of Queen Ann Cp for L23.7 for lots 50 and 51 on Long street.
 The Parish Register for St Paul's Church lists:
 James Lloyd b. 17 July 1724 s/o Lloyd and Eleanor Harris...
 Lloyd Harris married 4 July 1721 Eleanor Rogers widow of Nicholas Rogers...
 Lloyd Harris died 23 Aug 1742.
 1736-1738 Church Warden, St Paul's Church, Baltimore
 The establishment of “Baltimore Town” was born from the desire of many leading men of Baltimore County to have a port of entry near their homes.
 He was one of the first to build at Baltimore:
 On Monday the first day of Decr. 1729, the following Commissioners, viz. Messrs. Richard Gist, William Hamilton, George Buchanan, George Walker, Being four of the seven Commissioners appointed by Act of Assembly for agreeing with Chas, Carroll and Danl. Caroll, esqrs. about the price and purchase of sixty acres of land, to be erected into a town called Baltemore Town, ...
  ...On Wednesday the 14th day of January 1729/30, these lotts were taken up as follows by tbe underwritten gentlemen who secured their titles to the same by beginning and finishing on their respective lotts, houses that covered at least 400 square feet of ground (as was required of the takers up of lotts by Act of Assembly) within less than eighteen months after their taking them up, viz. Charles Carroll esqr. No. 49, Philip Jones, jr. No, 37, George Walker, No. 52, Jas. Jackson, No. 38, Richard Gist, No. 48, William Hammond, No, 45, Mordecai Price, No. 55, Christopher Gist, N. 56....
 On Thursday the 15th of January 1729/30 the three following lotts were taken up by the underwritten gentle men, but they forfeited their right thereto by not building thereupon as required by Act of Assembly. Thomas Sheredine, No, 44, William Buckner, No, 53, James Powell,
 No. 26.
 On Friday ye 16th January 1729/30 the two following lotts were taken up by the following gentlemen, viz. Chas. Ridgely, No. 44, Luke Trotten, No 36. Some time after wards, the said Ridgely conveyed the said lot No. 54 to Mr. John Diggs, who built upon the same as required by Act of Assembly in due time.
 The above sd Luke Trotten also conveyed his right to the said lot No. 36 unto Mr. Philip Jones jr. who complied with the requisites of the Act of Assembly.
 On Monday 19 January 1729/30, the two following lotts were taken up by the underwritten gentlemen who forfeited their right thereto by not building the eupon, viz. Capt. Robert North, No. 10, Richard Hewitt, 35.
 On the same day Mr. Lloyd Harris took up the lott No. 50 and fully complied with the requisites in the Act of Assembly in due time.
 [Makes him 11th person to take a plot and successfuly build it.]
 Interesting the numbr of Welsh names: Lloyd Harris, Jones, Price.
 Baltimore County Circuit Court
 Land Survey, Subdivision, and Condominium Plats
 Unpatented Certificates:
 5 May 1721 Lymbrick, Lloyd Harris, 100 Acres.
 20 July 1747: Loyds Welsh Tract, Loyd Harris, 200 Acres.
 Baltimore County Circuit Court
 Land Survey, Subdivision, and Condominium Plats
 Reference: Patented Certificate 2296
 Date: 1725
 Description: [Land called] Hereford, Lloyd Harris, 117 Acres
 [There is still a part of Baltimore County called Hereford.]
 In 1729 the Baltimore County court appointed [a] Lloyd Harris "overseer of the roads from the herring run at the head of Back River to Jones Falls, ...”
 (Maryland Historical Magazine 1962. Page 229.)
 Lloyd Harris lived on a creek on the northwest branch of Patapsco Creek, which is named Harris Creek in his honor. In 1729 he was appointed a road overseer, and on 4 Nov. 1735 was commissioned coroner of Baltimore County. In Oct. 1737 he was commissioned Ranger of Baltimore County.
 ("Baltimore City Place Names" by William B. Marye. MD Historical Magazine 58:229)
 (National Genealogical Society Quarterly: Index 1912. Page 258.)
 Recorded at request of Lloyd Harris, 25 Aug 1737: 9 Mar 1736; Lease between Richard Clagett, late of Maryland, now of London; 2nd son and devisee of will of Thomas Clagett, Gent., dec'd, of one part and Lloyd Harris of Hereford, now of Maryland, Gent...
 (The Land records of Prince George's County, Maryland, 1733-1739. Elise Greenup Jourdan. 1999. Page 103.)
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