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Marriage: Children:
  1. James Lloyd Harris: Birth: 17 JUL 1724 in Saint Paul’s Parish, Baltimore, MD, America. Death: BEF 1815 in England (presumably)

Marriage: Children:
  1. Nicholas Rogers: Birth: 20 MAY 1721 in Baltimore Co., Maryland. Death: 7 MAY 1758 in \Baltimore Co., Maryland

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a. Note:   N14744 In 1756 Nicholas Rogers told his stepbrother James Llloyd Harris: "Your mother ... is the best of Mothers altho you have littel knowledge of her."
 She was illiterate, as all the documents that she was party to in “Baltimore County, Maryland Deed Records” were signed with an x.
 Baltimore Land records:
 22 March 1731: Rachel Wilmont age about 47 years and Elizabeth Carter age about 40 years give deposition: 17 July 1724 they were at the house of Lloyd Harris and saw his wife Elinor Harris give birth to a male child by the mid-wife Mary Ann Harris and child was baptized James Lloyd Harris and on the 4 July 1721 they saw Lloyd Harris marry Elinor by the Rev. William TIbbs of St Paules Parish, Baltimore Co., MD
 /s/ RIchard Gist and Thomas Sheredine.
 Stepdaughter of Jabez Pierpoint who died 1720/21, Baltimore County, MD.
 Eleanor Rogers and her children William, Catherine, Ellinor and Sarah were mentioned in the will of Jabez Pierpoint on 1 October 1720.
 Married first Nicholas Rogers and had several children.
 Maryland Marriage References has: Lloyd Harris, m by 20 Nov 1724, Elinor, execs [executrix?] of Nicholas Rogers of BA Co., and also extx of Jabez Pierpoint (MDAD 6:2 18; BAAD 3:1,9)
 Eleanor (daughter of Eleanor) died after 1758. Nicholas ROGERS and Eleanor had the following children:
 +3 i. William ROGERS.
 4 ii. Elizabeth ROGERS.
 5 iii. Katherine ROGERS.
 +6 iv. Eleanor ROGERS.
 +7 v. Sarah ROGERS.
 +8 vi. Mary ROGERS.
 +9 vii. Col. Nicholas ROGERS.
 Dr George Buchanan married Eleanor Rogers (b 1705 d 1758), dau of Lloyd Harris’s stepdaughter Eleanor, by her first husband Nicholas Rogers.
 Try "Nicholas Rogers, Gentleman-Architect of Baltimore," Maryland Historical Magazine 78 (Summer 1983), 85-105.
 (Colonel Nicholas Rogers (1753-1822))
 Nicholas Rogers to John Woodhouse, Essex St., London.
 Baltemore Town, Oct. 16. 1756:
 "I intend to send you my eldest son over which I have named after his uncle James Lloyd in about 7 or 8 years which I intend to have edecated for a lawyer ...
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