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Marriage: Children:
  1. Caroline “Lena” Hodgson: Birth: 1856.

  2. Godfrey Hodgson: Birth: 1858.

  3. Robert D Hodgson: Birth: 13 MAR 1860.

  4. Rose Hodgson: Birth: 13 MAR 1862.

  5. Bernard Hodgson: Death: 1926

1. Author:   Henry John Hodgson
2. Text:   Fasti Domestici Mrs Hodgson [nee Charlotte Gregory]

a. Note:   N9240 Major General of Ebngal Engineers?
 Or is this confusion with Maj-Gen ___ Studholme Hodgson of the Bengal Infantry:
 “The second Christian name of Major- General Hodgson, Bengal Infantry, is Studholme, and not Studholm ns stated in the London Gazette of the 15th Nov. 1861.”
 (The United service magazine. 1862.)
 Cadet at Addiscombe Military Academy (The East India Company Military Seminary).
 In Punjab campaign, Mutiny 1857.
 Sobraon Medal [1846].
 Lieut at time of marriage.
 (New Calcutta Directory 1856)
 Made a Captain 17 Aug 1856.
 (The United service magazine. 1862. Page 293.)
 Promoted Lieutenant 1 July 1867.
 (Bulletins and other state intelligence: Part 2 - Page 967. 1870.)
 Captain C J Hodgson has been appointed to succeed Major Crommelin, the Government Consulting Engineer in the Railway Department.
 (Engineer's journal and railway, public works, mining gazette, of ...: Volume 1 - Page 123. 1858.)
 Our quiet life at Jullundur in the hot weather of 1867 was unexpectedly broken in the middle of July by the
 arrival of the following telegram : ' You have been appointed by the Viceroy a member of the Commission
 of inquiry on railway management, of which Colonel Hodgson is President. Proceed to Lahore at once,
 making over charge to Mr. Harcourt.' I started the same night, and sat the following day at the preliminary
 meeting of the Commission. Colonel Hodgson was an officer of the Engineers, holding at that time the appointment of Public Works Secretary to the North-West Government.
 (Thirty-five years in the Punjab, 1858-1893 by G. R. Elmslie)
 Clearly the man above is not this man:
 Colonel JA Hodgson, surveyor-general of India (Died in India in 1848.)
 Or married 10 March?
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