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Marriage: Children:
  1. Philip Popham: Death: 18 NOV 1400

1. Text:   Kenn and other families researcher: Nicholas Deas, Yatton

a. Note:   N24353 Sir Philip Popham and Elizabeth de Coudray held between them the manor of Dummer and half the manor of Barton Stacey in Hampshire. The Victoria County History of Hampshire states that Dummer passed from Sir John to Philip Popham, possible a younger son, and Elizabeth his wife. The five pointed pierced mullet (representing a spur rowel) which previously existed in Shield no. 2 at Yatton is a mark of cadency which indicates that Margaret Popham’s grandfather Sir Philip was a third son of Sir John Popham, of Popham. His two older brothers, Henry Popham and Sir John Popham, were both MPs for Hampshire.
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