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Text:   Simon Hodgson family tree and notes.
2. Text:   Fasti Domestici Mrs Hodgson [nee Charlotte Gregory]
3. Text:   Hodgson scrapbook / old manuscript family notes

a. Note:   N2692 Solicitor, Reading.
 Secretary to Speaker of House of Commons (Mr Addington) 1790.
 Commissioner of Taxes.
 Secretary of the Commission for Payment of the Prince of Wales’s debts.
 Died 1828?
 Richard Collins, the painter of his miniature portrait, was described as “my late friend Mr Collins” in Henry’s brother John’s will (in which he left “the miniature pictures” of Henry to his son John).
 “Henry Hodgson (of Reading & Hampstead”).”
 His successor, Henry Hodgson (d. 1828), served for the remainder of Addington's Speakership. Before his appointment, Hodgson seems to have carried on a solicitor's practice in Berkshire, and he later obtained a post as a Tax Commissioner. He left office with Addington in 1801, and Speaker Sir John Mitford appointed a young ..
 (Secretaries to Mr Speaker. W. R. McKay. 1986.)
 At Hampstead aged 82, Henry Hodgson, esq. formerly a Commissioner for Affairs of Taxes.
 (Gentleman’s Mag.)
 Of New Palace-yard, when he was appointed Secretary of the Commission for Payment of the Prince of Wales’s debts, in 1795.
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