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Marriage: Children:
  1. Mary Munford: Birth: ABT 1702 in Virginia.

  2. James Munford: Birth: ABT 1704 in Virginia. Death: ABT 1754

  3. Robert Munford: Birth: ABT 1711 in Virginia. Death: ABT 1744

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Martha Kennon [W.3.3] married Robert Munford I in Henrico County 22 December 1701. He was the son of James Mountfort and his wife, probably a daughter of Robert Wyatt, for whom James was estate trustee in 1685 in Charles City County. James married second Sarah (--) Wallis, the widow of John Wallis, not long before his death. James Munford was living in December 1689 but was dead by June 1690. In September 1690 the court ordered his estate divided between his widow, Sarah --, and their children. The court bound out Robert Munford, son of James Munford, deceased, to Richard Bland in October 1690. James was the father also of Wilmette Munford and Edward Munford. On 7 March 1712/3 Robert Munford deeded 230 acres, including 130 acres he had inherited from his father, James Munford, to Richard Bland. Robert Munford held 339 acres in Prince George County in 1704. Robert Munford was a vestryman of Bristol Parish from as early as 1720, colonel of the Prince George militia, and county justice (1714, 1726, 1729). Robert represented Prince George County in the Virginia House of Burgesses (1720-22). Robert Mountford held scales and weights on behalf of Prince George County in 1714.
A Brunswick County deed of 4 September 1754 to Edward Brodnax Walker said Robert wrote his will on 20 April 1734 but the will is lost. He was dead by October 1739 when Martha, James, and Robert Munford made an executor's bond. He probably died about 1735 when he ceased to be a vestryman.
NOTE: Virginia Biographical Encyclopedia
IV--Burgesses and Other Prominent Persons
Robert Munford son of James Munford, who in 1689 patented lands in Prince George county. He was a vestryman of Bristol parish, Prince George county; a member of the house of burgesses, 1720-1722; justice of the county court, and colonel in the militia. He married, in 1701, Martha Kennon, daughter of Colonel Richard Kennon, of "Conjuror's Neck," Henrico (now Chesterfield county). He died about 1735, leaving issue: 1. Major James Munford. 2. Colonel Robert Munford (q. v.). 3. Edward.
NOTE: From bits and pieces of Prince George County Records. Recorded in Virginia Will Records
1715. -- Major Robert Munford present in court as a justice.
May 10, 1715. -- Present: John Hamelin, Randall Platt, Robert Hall, John Peterson, John Hardyman, Robert Munford, and James Thweatt, gentlemen, justices.
Deed, Jan. 9, 1727, from Robert Munford, of Prince George county, to his son James.
NOTE: 1690 James Munford of Westopher died. Wife was Sarah (who was prob. dau. of Robert Wyatt), children: Robert (under guardianship of Richard Bland); Edward (under guardianship of Anthony Wyatt); and Wilmoth (dau. left with Elizabeth Peebles, wife of William Peebles). (Source: Montford-Munford. Family of Virginia and Georgia and Allied Families, by Lyon and Vesely, 1978, p.2; Genealogies of Virginia Families, Vol. II, Genealogical Publishing Co., 1981, p.739.)
1701 Dec. 22 Robert Munford (Sr.) (a/k/a Robert I,), who was a son of James Munford [Jr.] of Prince George County) married Martha Kennon of Henrico Co., daughter of Col. Richard and Elizabeth (Worsham) Kennon.
Known children: [Maj.] James who m. Elizabeth Bolling, dau. of Col. Richard Bolling; Robert (Jr.) who m. Anna Bland, dau. of Richard Bland; Edward b. 11-1-1726; and dau. Mary who m. David Walker of Brunswick Co., VA.
(Source: The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. XXXVI-No. 1,
Jane 1928, p.75; Marriages of Some Virginia Residents 1607-1800, Series
I, Vol. 5, p.77; Genealogies of Virginia Families, Vol. II, Genealogical Publ.
Co., 1981, p.739 and pp. 748-49.)
NOTE: Moe Cunningham "Robert Munford (Sr. or Robert I) was a son of James Munford (Jr.) of Prince George County. Robert Sr. married Martha Kennon, dau. of Col. Richard and Elizabeth (Worsham) Kennon. Robert Sr. & Martha's known children were: (Maj.) James who m. Elizabeth Bolling; Robert (Jr.) who m. Anna Bland; Edward; and, Mary who m. David Walker. I have three sources for that piece of information.
"Robert Sr.'s father, James Munford of "Westopher Parish" in Charles Co., VA (that part of the county later became Prince George Co.) died in 1690.
Wife was Sarah, probable dau. of Robert Wyatt. Children: Robert (under guardianship of Richard Bland); Edward (under guardianship of Anthony Wyatt); and Wilmoth (dau. left with Elizabeth Peebles, wife of William Peebles). I have two sources for that information.
"You'll note in my research that my ancestor is Jeffery Mountford/ Mountfort/etc., son of Richard. In James Munford's family, he could have very well been a brother to Jeffery/Geoffrey Mumford, also of Charles Co., VA. Jeffery is first mentioned in a 1654 document, name written as "Jeffry Monford."
"Anyway, in 1655, Capt. Morgan Jones is listed as the husband of the widow of James Montford, Sr., and stepfather of James Munford (Jr.) and other Montford children. I list a source." is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.