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Marriage: Children:
  1. Elizabeth Meriwether: Birth: ABT 1661 in Jamestown, James City County, Virginia. Death: ABT 1700 in Surry County, Virginia

Marriage: Children:
  1. Nicholas Meriwether: Birth: 26 OCT 1665 in Virginia. Death: BEF 20 NOV 1744 in Goochland or Albemarle County, Virginia

  2. Francis Meriwether: Birth: ABT 1670 in Virginia. Death: bet 12 Feb 1712/3 and 9 Apr 1712/13 in Essex County, Virginia

  3. Jane Meriwether: Birth: ABT 1675 in Surry County, Virginia. Death: BEF 3 JUL 1746 in Surry County, Virginia

  4. Thomas Meriwether: Birth: ABT 1677 in Surry County, Virginia. Death: aft 7 Jan 1708/9 in Tappahannock, Essex County, Virginia

  5. William Meriwether: Birth: AFT 17 JUN 1678 in Virginia. Death: bef 5 Mar 1694/5 in Virginia

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  Chapter 3 First Colonial Meriwethers
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 Chapter 7 The Settled and the Restless
  Chapter 8 Nicholas Meriwether II
 Chapter 9 Francis Meriwether II
 Chapter 10 Thomas Meriwether
  Chapter 11 Clough, Clements, Williamson Connections
 Chapter 12 Crawford Connections
 Chapter 13 Bathurst Connections
 Chapter 14 Browne Connections
b. Note:   N11 Nicholas Meriwether of England & Virginia
  Nicholas Meriwether was born in 1631 in Norfolk, England, son of John Merywether and his wife Joane Browne. According to Norfolk church records he had siblings John, Anne, Fayth, Joane and Francis. His father was a Fellow at New College, Oxford (1618-1629), until he became Rector of the Stratton St. Michael Parish from 1629 until 1653. John died sometime between 1653 and 1660 onboard a ship sailing to Virginia, presumably to join his son.
  Based on the careers of Nicholas in Virginia, he was obviously well educated. Where he received his education and training has not yet been determined.
  Nicholas arrived in Jamestown, Virginia, probably about 1652, though no record of him being transported has been located. The first confirmation of his existence in Virginia was 4 July 1653 when he patented 300 acres of land in Lancaster County. From at least 13 Oct 1653 until 13 Dec 1656, Nicholas served as a clerk of the Quarter Court and Governor’s Council for the Colony in Jamestown. Although many researchers state he was clerk of Surry County, there is no evidence that he was.
  Sometime in the early 1660’s, after the English monarchy was reestablished, Nicholas removed to Surry County and seems to have retired from public office to pursue land speculation and tobacco production and shipping. Since his entire government career was during the reign of Cromwell and he ceased upon restoration of the throne, this seems to contradict those who claim Nicholas was one of the “Cavaliers”, supporters of the Crown who came to the Colony to escape persecution.
  Recent research has tried, without success, to determine if Nicholas came to Virginia in 1652 as part of the Parliamentary fleet that forced the surrender of Virginia to the Cromwellian government. This would certainly explain his appearance in 1653 as a clerk of the Quarter Court and subsequent years working for the colonial government.
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