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1. Title:   1920 Census
Author:   US Govt
2. Title:   1930 Census
Author:   US Govt
3. Title:   US World War II Army Enlistment Records, 1938-1946
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a. Note:   ted from E St Louis, IL HS (June 1932) and received a BEd in Physics from SIU at Carbondale (1936) and an MS in physics and education from UI (1947). He taught physics and related sciences in E St Louis and Auburn, IL schools. He retired from the USAF in 1970 after 23 yrs of active duty, including 2 1/2 yrs in N. Africa during WWII.
  DEATH: At home, 620 Clover Dr., coronary artery disease
  BIRTH: N. Logan St., Marion
  BURIAL: Rose Hill Cemetery, Grave 4, Lot OR1912ALL, Marion, IL
  From Keaster Family Bible insert
 Ira J. Davis Sept 12, 1883 Sept 12, 1904
  From Keaster Family Bible insert
 Lowell Arthur Davis, born Dec 26-1914, Marion, Ill
 Catherine Theresa Wille, born Mch 22-1914, White Hall, Ill
 Married: Jan 31-1942
 Address: 1609 Garfield, Wichita Falls, Texas, followed by 2204 Piedmont, Wichita Falls, Texas, followed by Japan.
  BIOGRAPHY: Air Force Register, Vol. 1, 1969
 Name: Davis Lowell A
 Service Number: V 432775
 Perm Grade: COL
 Date of Rank, Perm Grade: 01 07 61
 PLSD (Reg AF) PED (ResAF MC DC) TAFCSD(Others): 25 11 46
 (PLSD - Promotion List Service Date - reflects the amount of service credited Regular Air Frce officers for promotion purposes. It is used to determine the mandatory date for permanent promotion in the Regular Air Force)
 (PED - Professional Education Date - reflects credit for professional education and experience for non-Regular physicians and dentists. This date is established as 4 years prior to date of graduation from professional school.)
 BRD(RefAF) TYSD(AFRes): 23 12 41
 (BRD - Base Retirement Date - reflects the amount of service credited a Regular Air Force officer under Section 8927, Title 10, United States Code. BRD is the basis for determining mandatory retirement date by reason of length of service.)
 (TYS - Total Years of Service Date - reflects the date a Reserve of the Air Force Officer accepted his commission. This date may be adjusted to an earlier date than the acceptance date to credit constructive service awarded under AFR 35-3.)
 Date of Birth: 26 12 14
 Temp Grade: LTC
 Date of Rank Temp Grade: 17 12 50
 Pay Date: 20 06 41
 Source of Comsn.: M (Flying Training Graduate [Aviation Cadet])
 Ed Lev: M (Masters Degree)
 Prof and Mil Sch: L (Air Command and Staff College)
Note:   Grew up in Marion, Christopher, and E St Louis, IL. Gradua
b. Note:   NF2
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